Balls of feet burning after 3 miles

Hi guys, can you help? I'm a regular half marathon runner, got some new running trainers for Christmas - Asics gel nimbus 14. My previous shoes were asics gel nimbus 11. Since using my new shoes, after running only 3 miles the balls of my feet begin to burn and become painful. I've tried running with 2 pairs socks and also the gel insoles which people use for padding when wearing high heels. Nothing seems to make it any better. I'm almost ready to purchase a new pair of trainers but was hoping someone may have a solution to save me the expense!! Thanks in advance image


  • Sometimes shoe manufacturers change the style of shoe - even if its the same model.  Does this shoe feel any different around the foot (needs to be at least a thumbs width from big toe to end of shoe), or sides?

    It may well be worth seeing a podiatrist as if you have a high arch, over supinate or pronate then the foot biomechanics may hinder your gait.

    Also have you changed your running style - more forefoot running or spinning/upping cadance in legs more when running?

  • I would look at the shoes, could be tighter across the foot than your old ones.  The pain sounds neural, so a slightly pinched nerve in the foot.  You could just try tying your laces one hole further back to relieve the pressure across the front of the foot.

  • I had this with a pair of asics gel excel 33 that I got last summer. I was rotating 3 pairs of trainers at the time, 2 adidas and the asics. After a few miles in the asics I got the burning sore sensation on the ball of the right foot. Almost felt as if their was no give in that part of the shoe and every footstrike became very painful. This happened the first 7 or 8 times I wore them and I considered throwing them away. The 130 pounds they cost stopped me doing that. Then all of a sudden they were fine, no more burning pain at all. I've probably put 300 miles on them since and the issue has not come back and they are now one of my favourite pairs to run in.

  • I used to get this and started using Hilly twin skin socks - sorted out the problem without the expense of new trainers!

  • I purchased the Asics gel on the recommendation of Runners Need and trialled them at home on carpet as I knew I wouldn’t be able to take them back once they had been worn outside. The soles of my feet felt like they were burning and my foot felt like it was slapping down. The shoe also put pressure on my ankles. I returned them to Runners Need who said I just needed a larger size as they were too small – I tried outside with the larger size thinking that the problem must have been with me and had the same issue. By then I could not return the shoes, I have not even kept them for walking as they are so uncomfortable. Back to Mizuno for me, I've since Googled Asics and burn and seen quite a few posts on the subject

  • Ive experienced the same as Padders with both the Nimbus 13 and 14, I even got the 14 2E because I though they might be too tight around the ball of my foot.

    Had the same after about 3 - 4 miles severe burning on balls of feet. Now it's mostly gone.  I have noticed I'm getting blisters on the side of the ball on both feet though.  This might just be down to increased mileage though not sure yet.

    Incidently I purchased a pair of cheap Asics Enduro 7 for £30 mainly for running off road / in the mud and I seemed to feel more comfortable in them than the £120 Nimbus even when road running.

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    I had Asics Hyperspeed 2 and they were great, so bought some 4s (same sole/midsole, different uppers) and they gave me the burning foot, turned out the were laced too tight, loosened them off and they were fine after that (ran a 3:29 Ironman marathon in them)

  • i am having this issue.  I have tried three different sorts of trainers now and they all do it - really sore balls of feet after 4 miles.  I have tried gel insoles, different socks and nothing helps.image


  • I had a pair of Asic's, tried them on the tread mill in the gym, feet were on fire! Took them back and shaped for the Brook's Ghost, no problems since then!!

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