Dukeries Ultra 18 May 2013

Just wanted to let you know entries are open for this year's race. We have a new race HQ that will have some changing/showering facilities. Slightly amended routes due to the new start/finish which includes a more interesting run through Sherwood Forest. www.DukeriesEvents.co.uk Anyone who would like to know more either ask on here or send an email direct. Roger


  • Will be doing the 40 again image, after finishing with a bad knee last year Ive got a score to settle,have already been training on the route,

  • I cam away with a very favourable impression of this event. 

    Certainly might talk myself into doing it again. 

  • I'll be back looking to go faster!

  • In on the 40. Managed 62 miles this week & i'm still just about in one peice. My first ultra event & hopefully it will not put me off. 

  • Good weeks running that Rosko, see you there!

  • Thinking about having another go. 

    It is a bit close to the Manchester Marathon, bu I would likely be OK. 

  • Are there any rules for this event regarding drop bags & outside help like pacers?

  • Ben Davies - It's earier this year so much less likely to be quite so SCORCHIO, hopefuly see you there.

  • We will see. 

    It is just two weeks before Hardmoors, so I have a tough decision to make. 

  • will there be route markings this year? i seem to remember some last year but did it mainly on the instructions

  • Hi just entered but now panicking as the date is different on here to the entry form. Is it the 11th or 18th?
  • Sorry not been on here for a while due to moving house.

    Having a read down the posts above I can provide a few amswers.

    The Robin Hood Way markers are still there, and you will have a map to print out plus route description. Where the route diverges in Sherwood Forest we have been given permission to put up our own route markers for the day.

    This year there won't be any drop bags. We don't mind you having a friend running with you for part of the course, but draw the line at piggybacks, tandems or borrowing of bus fare ;o)

    The date of the race is 11th May. I think this thread was started before we had to change it because of a clash at the Sports club. Does anyone know how to change a thread title?

    And finally the weather! One of the most memorable features of last years race was the heat. Personally i'm hoping it stays like it is today.

    And a final finally if you have any friends, family or club mates who could help out with marshaling on the day please ask them to get intouch info@dukeriesevents.co.uk Thanks

    Roger and Maria
  • Hi everyone

    This is Roger from the Dukeries Ultra. We are in the final stages of getting everything organised and have been let down by two groups who where supposed to be manning aid stations for us.

    As I'm sure you all appreciate, the volunteers on aid stations are probably the most important people at a race. Due to the people who have let us down, we are now not going to be able to give timing splits as we feel looking after the runners is more important.

    One aid station currently remains uncovered. This would be the A614 near the Clumber Park Hotel. We need 2 or 3 volunteers to be there between 11:45 and 16:30 next Saturday afternoon. You would get the usual packed lunch, t-shirt and a free entry to next years race all for being out in Sherwood Forest passing water and Jelly Babies to tired runners.

    If you can help please get in touch either on here or email info@dukeriesevents.co.uk


    Roger & Maria

  • Roger, if you post the message above on your facebook page, then I'll share it, as I'm sure others will, may be able to drum up a bit of checkpoint support

  • Thanks Ian

    It's been on the Dukeries Ultra facebook page a couple of times and on my personal one as well.

    But please share as much as you can image)



  • Roger are you still after helpers, I'll ask around at my club session tonight, a few were interested in running so the free entry to next year will most likley pursuade them.

    Hoping it cools down a little for the weekend!!

  • Thanks John, that would be great

    Another 2 or 3 wouldn't go amiss

  • 42 emails to 30 mile runners and 69 emails to 40 mile runners all sent out

    If you haven't received anything, please check your spam filter first then contact us on info@dukeriesevents.co.uk. Thanks

  • Amended 40 mile route description just been sent out. Now has the out and back section by the Scout Camp

  • And the maps are now on Google Maps as well

    DU30 http://goo.gl/maps/Mu1Ca
    DU40 http://goo.gl/maps/dyYFL

  • Roger I've 2 club members who are interested in helping out, how do I put them in touch ThanksThanks

  • Thanks John


     they could email info@dukeriesevents.co.uk we can sort something out



  • really great event well done to the organizers stewards & runners. Think i managed to fluke a third place although not seen official results yet. I hope the pain & suffering has not put me off running more of these.

  • Well done Rosko, thought you would be quick and it was super quick at the front too, very well done indeed. It's a tough event in that it is undulating without those natural things that demand a walking break, hills, therefore whilst a shorter ultra the amount of running does accumulate to trash them legs.

  • If you want a 40 mile PB, then this is probably the event to do!

  • I did the 30 and loved it. Would highly recommend it. A flat non-technical course but beautiful with it.

  • Thanks for the comments. The feedback we have had this year has been 100% positive.

    Loved the vibe at the race HQ when I got back there from Creswell Crags aid station.


    Will give it a week or so for the dust to settle then I guess we start thinking about next year

  • Pie and peas made for a great post race atmosphere. Just wish I could have had a beer - was gutted when I saw the open bar but had a 3 hour drive home!

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