one run - 2 garmins - different mileage

OK anyone shed any light on this as I've often wondered if it would happen.  One run Garmin 410 on right hand 10.38 miles.  Garmin 305 left hand.  10.1 mile.

Now why would that happen?


  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Because these devices are not nearly as accurate as people think they are.

    I left mine running accidentally once, and put it on the kitchen worktop.  When I came back to it a while later, I'd done another half mile, wiggling about all over the place.

    My partner and I run together sometimes, and his always shows a longer distance.

    Don't treat the distance it gives you as being gospel.

  • ran a couple of races with 2 305's on my left arm always ran faster than my right

  • Was it a loop course? The left hand one would be on the inside of most of the turns.

  • it was a figure of  8 course so should have balanced out....

  • my 410 also had me running a faster pace aswell.  Think I'll be trusting that one!

  • Possible reason is one of the monitors may have lost satellite reception for a short period. Try comparing the data on Garmin Connect

  • I did compare data - the 410 had me running at a faster pace aswell

  • I suppose if the 410 said you went further in the same time, you would have been going faster.

    Garmin say that the 410 is better at keeping a signal than the older 05 models. So I would be inclined to believe that - especially as you look to have done more.

  • It's a shame these devices can't be made more accurate, I run with a colleague who has the same model garmin as I do - both 410, his can read up to 20% higher distance than mine running side by side.

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  • Thanks for that Mr Boat. A great response to my first forum post.   May I suggest you stay out of threads that bore you - you have a choice to read a thread or not, don't you?  Let me give you a little tip - the thread title gives a clue about the nature of the comments you may find within.



  • Crikey that told me.......Just search the forums/internet. It's been done to death.

  • Rhys - may I suggest that you wind your neck in a little bit

    For many of us who have been around this forum for some time there are many subjects which, as Mr Boat says, have been done to death and will bore the pants of many of us.  what we don't know is if a post is someone's 1st or 100,000th - so someone will often post a reply which you may think is out of order.   it's a comment that the poster feels - it's not aimed at you - so don't take it personally.

    oh - and just wait for the post VLM threads saying that the London marathon distance is wrong 'cos my Garmin says it was long/short etc.  then the fun starts!!

  • just hover your mouse over the poster's picture. That will tell you how many posts.

    Sorry for disturbing the peace, I'll leave you to your forum.

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    just hover your mouse over the poster's picture. That will tell you how many posts.

    Sorry for disturbing the peace, I'll leave you to your forum.

    unless they have that function turned off......image

  • Ok, you win. I'm sorry, I didn't realise mine was turned off.  Anyone know how I can switch it so that people can see my post count?

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    I rather thought that Mr Boat was yawning at the whole thread-that's-been-done-1,000-times-before, rather than at your own post SoreCalf.

    Not everything is about you, you know image

  • fair point Wilkie.  I shouldn't have snapped really, I guess it's what comes with interwebbing late at night.  Although I still think there is some merit to simply avoiding threads you think you may be bored with.

  • Wilkie's right SC, I wasn't getting at you. Avoiding threads is easy, yes, but so is starting new ones which really don't warrant it when a simple search on this forum or by using Google will help you, although Runner's World is partial to having 20 or more threads on the same subject due to little or no administration.

  • understood. Sorry Boat.

  • Welcome to the forum SoreCalf. don't fret. 


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