I have recently started running again after a few years off. I am currently running 5k in around 40 mins but I want to get sub 30. What is the quickest way to achieve this. I am currently running 3-4 times a week.


  • have a look at the training plans for 5k on here, maybe start including speed work and tempo runs on alternate run days , i am not very experienced at running either, i guess time and effort and results will follow eventually image


  • I was going to say the fastest way to do it would be to run faster lol.

    I would have thought longer runs for stamina and also speed work.


  • I agree with the stamina improving longer runs. If you can run 7k then that helps when to try to run a harder 5k because you know you can survive it, it's no-where near your long run.

    Speed helps of course 400m injections of pace each km once a week would help. But, the most important thing is determinationimage

    I started off around 41m 5k and remember July when I was so excited about beating 40m I don't try really to speed up or run a fast 5k but I'm down to 31m 5k's now. It just happens naturally when you keep practising.
  • Hi PloddinBuddah. Know how you feel. I have recently started running myself after many years off and did the couch to 5k programm (I weigh 18 stone now by the way). After 8 weeks I am doing 5k in 30mins. That was 2 weeks ago. To improve on this I've downloaded Suz's 'From 5k to 10k' Running Podcast from itunes. Not sure if the 'experienced' on here would agree with this but it's helping for me and got me running my first 5k in many years in 30 mins. Just a suggestion

  • Forgot to mention. Just finished my first day of the 10k program. 5 min fast walk warm up - 4 x 10 min runs divided by 2 min brisk walk finishing of with 5 min brisk walk cool down. Program tells you when to run walk etc and times are increased incremently each week

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