VLM training

Hi can someone with experience in running Marathons/sports injury please help?  I am on week 8 of a 20 week plan with 3 runs and cross training.  Had a minor medial foot injury which has lead to compensation in the other leg resulting in LCL.  I can't run on the leg without it giving way at the moment.  Yes I need to rest but is it feasible to still do the marathon as I can't run for say 3 weeks which will take me up on week 12 of 20?  I am on a 2 hr (13 miles) long run at the moment and have a very good standard of fitness.  I will still be able to swim, aqua jog and bike.


  • See how you get on ? You can defer your place up until the day before - unless it's already been deferred that is.

    Hope you get better soon.
  • Thanks I would definitely do this but it's a charity place so I'm committed to raise ??1500. This being the case I have to advertise now and get my major event done and dusted. Feel awful if I have to pull out and people have put their hands in their pockets. ...
  • If you havent already, i'd recommmend seeing a professional for the best advice. I'm in the same boat as you with regards to the injury during training and its knocked my confidence big time.

    I think im suffering a bit from Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot after compensating for a previous knee injury on my left. I saw an Osteopath at the weekend and told me given my current level of fitness, if I rest it, and do the stretches necessary to aid the healing and muscle balance I should be ok.

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