London Marathon 2013

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Please could someone help me?

I am for the first time this year running in the London Marathon and i am struggling to obtain a map of the area we cover most importantly where the start and end of the race is?

I wanted to know the start as i wanted to find a hotel close to the start of the race. Can anyone recommend a good hotel that is not that expensive as i am travelling with my family and will need a family room.

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    The actual start you will be on depends on how you got your entry, ballot, charity etc, although on the grand scheme of London they are all close to each other.  Hope that helps.

  • Pete. look at it a bit differently, your family won't be allowed to get in the start area to "see you off".  At the same time, the transport for runners out to the start is superb from the central London stations, so you'd be better picking a hotel where you can reach the start and they can get to a good spot to watch and then get to meet you at Horseguards after the race.

    Cheap hotel? what's your budget? I just looked at Travelodge and I would go for a family room at Aldgate or Bank, you could walk to London Bridge station from either of those and your family will be right on the course to see you-and you'll know where they'll be which is a good thing.

    Think about your breakfast, take what you need with you in case your hotel doesn't offer a decent ealry breakfast.

    Where are you travelling from, and how? The first year I did the race, with 2 small kids, we stayed at Dartford Holiday Inn, piece of cake to get to, and a Direct train in to the start from Dartford Station, I think it will be less than £100.

    Message me if you want any more help.

  • Thank you for your replies. I am coming from swindon so will most probably park at hammersmith. I am looking to spend about ??100 - ??120 really for a room. Do you know what tube station it is that takes me to the start of the race? I will look at hotels in the areas you have said so will come from London bridge. Once again many thanks for replying.
  • It's all on the VLM website Pete
  • I asked similar question while ago and the advice given was to find hotel near the finish as you'll not want to trek about after 26.2 miles. As said I was told it was very good transport to get you to start line and family can't be at start anyway. Believe the transport is free for runners on the day??
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Travel is free if you have your race number. I did have an argument with a bus driver one year though as she informed me 'i dont know about no free travel for marathon runners'.  I had almost passed out at mile 18 and been in the st johns!

    Stay near the finish, you will be glad of it.  There are loads of hotels in Victoria, Pimlico, hyde park area.  Even Notting Hill/Bayswater wouldnt be that far.

    Re travel to the start, the trains get REALLY busy so best to try and board the train as its start point (Charing Cross or London Bridge). Otherwise you may not get on the train.

  • That's because it's not free on buses.

    Is it free on the trains after the race ? I've not tried it but I think it's just to get people to the start as ticket machines would cause big delays.

    It's all in the runners information pack anyway.

    I stay central. Easy to get to start and less distance to your bed after.
  • PipG - although London Bridge is a terminus as well as a through station none of the services that start at London Bridge stop at Blackheath.

    Therefore if you want to get on a train at its starting point you'll need to get on at Charing Cross.

    Cannon Street and Blackfriars services also stop at London Bridge but not Blackheath.
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Maybe that's why the train I boarded a few years ago at London Bridge was so busy!  I'll be heading to Charing x this year then.  Thanks

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