North downs run

This is the 30th year of this iconic race, it has nearly been lost from the race calendar a couple of times over the years, 2004 was very close to not happening, but the NDR must never disappear and now with a new committee and new enthusiasm I can't see that happening in the near future

If you have never experienced this race, it surly is a must, it constantly gets great reviews on runners world and is always in the top 5 of best trail races You've got trails, hills, woods, mud, the downs, more hills, cracking scenery, poppy fields, orchards, villages, hills again!! (Some you do go down and are harder than some of the ups!) a great group of marshals, water station with beer, if you want it! And some very tasty cakes at the finish

If your fast enough there is also ??200 up for grabs, if you can beat the course record, bearing in mind the man with the record has won the man v"s horse run!!! And the female record is held by the 100km world champion! So not to hard then?! So anyone fancy entering? Or are have you already entered? If so ill see you there

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  • What is the CR? When is the race? Is the course marked?
  • i will make your ginger cake and split the winnings at the pub? image

  • Sorry, thought id linked this to the event, my mistake!

    Male record 01:52:43

    Female 02:04:42

    Sunday 23rd June and yes it is fully marked
  • oh drat- cant do tht day...i wil still make your ginger cake lil bro

  • That's a shame loulabell, I'll still have the cake though! : )
  • image

  • Injured last year but hopefully up for it this June, fantastic race but hard from start to finish, unlikely I will be breaking any records, but if I can get up Cricket Pitch Hill without stopping I will be more than pleased... there again thats not likely either...


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