10K time

I am new to all this and started C25k as I have posted in other threads.

Currently on week 4 and this is 31 minutes and I am covering 3.7km which is an average speed of 8mins 20 seconds per Km.

I will be running the 10k in May with my Sister who runs at 59 minutes for it. At present i cant run that far, 5 minutes is the most at present but working on it. My aim is simply to finish thought.

In 4 months am I likely to be at a 60 mins run or do you think i will be over achieveing. At 5foot 5inches and 13stone 10 i am obviously obese at present which gives you an idea of where i am at.

I know i should not worry about time now, but any help on speed might help.


  • Can't help you on time (my first was 59.18 and it hurt) but go off steady and at a pace you can manage reasonably easily. By about 3K you should be warm and settled. At 6 K it labours a bit but hang in there and around 8K, if you have anything left, crank it up a little, say 5-10%. Try and squeeze another 5% at 9K (all these should be marked ot on a fair sized race) and about 400M from finish, open it up and hang on for grim death. If you throw up when you cross the line, that's a smidge over the top but many have done it.

    If you are in trouble for any reason on your first race, back off, walk if needs be. Beter to finish and come back again than leave with a sour taste in your mouth.

    And enjoy it. Once you are doing 10Ks the weight falls off if you are vaguely sensible.

  • It sounds like you are in a similar position to where I were last year. I am willing to bet you will be about 60-65 mins (if not better) by May.

    My biggest advice is to squeeze in a couple of organised 5k's or parkruns beforehand as learning to run your own race at these things is the biggest learning curve. I have never run a faster 1st k splitt than my first organised run, I simply got "tricked" into running too fast with terrible consequences halfway.

  • fair point steve, i will be running with a few others and i know from other sports, it is not how you start but how you finish.


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