Scotland Coast to Coast entry going cheap!

I am looking to sell my solo entry for the Scotland Coast to Coast Rat Race event over the weekend of September 14th-15th.  It's over 100 miles of running, cycling and kayaking from Nairn to Glencoe.  On-line entries are currently £200 - I'm selling my entry for £100.  If you're interested let me know.  Thanks! 


  • Hi, is it the one or two day one you have got?
  • It's the two day one, Mark.  

  • Hi

    Are you still selling the entry? My wife is interested.



  • Yes, it's still available, Ian.  There is someone from my running club who has expressed an interest but as yet he's not let me know definitely one way or the other whether he'll be able to do it. 


  • Hi David

    Nope I am doing it as well! But I still win image

    We would definitely like to buy it, assuming that the name can be swapped (think that you can change this online). Could you ask your friend at the running club one way or another?



  • Hi Ian,

    The entry is yours if you still want it.  Rat Race said it's just a simple matter of changing details on-line.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jude

    Definitely would like to buy the entry. My email address is if you would like to send me an email then we can sort it out away from the forum.



  • Hi any chance there is still a Scotland coast to coast going begging?
  • Hi

    I am afraid that I snapped it up.

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