Why do I see more women out running than cycling

Don't women like cycling or something.We only occasionally have 1 or 2 women turn up out of about 50 guys in our cycling club


  • I think a lot of women encourage their partners out cycling because they like a bit of peace and quiet on a Sunday morning.

  • [More sweeping generalisations] Cycling is one of those sports which can be as much about the kit as about the doing and I think this often appeals more to men than women.

    Obviously, women have other things that they spend unnecessary amounts of money on, just not bikes, boats, hifi, home cinema etc etc.

  • I think it's be ayes we're all so fast you don't see us image
  • In general Adam i think cycling clubs have responded slower than running clubs to the wave of women that want to do the sport...........a lot of them are all about the speed.........

    a friend of mine and myself both joined a cycling club last year which only had 2 female members and the they were always welcoming..but even though we are not the slowest cyclist. ( I have been cycling for 4 years now so not a slow slow rider )...on seperate occasions we were dropped from the group and found ourself lost miles from home......which isn't fun to be on your own.might have well done  solitary training ride from home

     I have since found a bigger club that is geared up to a wider range of abilities and I have been comfortable riding with them.....

  • Up until a few decades ago women weren't even allowed in my club !
  • It isn't just road cycling is it - it's all forms of cycling.  For that reason I don't really think it's down to cycling clubs - it's just that cycling doesn't tend to appeal so much to so many women.   

    Yes there is a bit of a viscious circle in that there being fewer women in clubs means they cater less for women - but the root problem seems to be that more men like riding bikes than women.    

    Maybe it's the risk factor - real or perceived - but then there are other high risk (relatively - no sport is really high risk) sports like climbing and I get the impression that is not unpopular with women.   

    Triathlon seems to be bringing more women into riding road bikes - but I think they tend to come into it from running or maybe swimming and they aren't getting into road racing (on bikes) - there are very very few women doing that.   

  • That certainly applies to me Popsider - I hadn't ridden a bike since I was a kid when I got into triathlon about 20 years ago and still wouldn't dream of entering a road race, I know my speed and handling skills are not up to the task. I love my bike and really enjoy riding it - but riding with a group makes me really uncomfortable and after I get dropped I feel just like Seren said, may as well ride on my own or just with OH.

  • I think I'm quite lucky in that my cycling club has a good mix of men and women. 

  • Hope. Thats the one I'm joining this year......image

  • many men cycle to work and back...........maybe many women are too worried about helmet hair to do that image

  • A lot of women don't mind cycling - but won't do it on the roads with traffic. That's not usually a problem with running.
  • There are more men than women in my cycling club, but there are a few women.  No-one gets dropped, though.  There's always a back marker to make sure no-one is left behind (and it's not always the women who are at the back).

    What I really like about cycling events is that there is never a queue for the ladies loos image

  • Seren, hubby and I work in the same town and start work too early to cycle in, so we take it in turns to put a bike in the back of my car and then cycle home. The other one drives the car back home after work.

  • Wilkie , don't let the secret out or we will be queing at cycling events.

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