Pain on the outside of thigh.


On my new years eve run (8.5 miles) towards the end I developed a slight pain on the outside of my left thigh which went away within a couple of miles. When I tried running a couple of days after it was quite painful so could only manage 5. Nearly 4 weeks on the pain is still there and sometimes i can feel it in the front and tops of my thigh near the joint and down the shin but mostly its on the outside. I have tried stretching the quads and hip flexors and foam rolling with a tennis ball but it doesnt really seem to make much difference. 

Just thought I would try on here to see if anyone else has had a similar problem and any advice would be greatly appriciated! if not it looks like im off on a trip to the physio this half term :/

also one more thing, the left does feel slightly weaker than the right? not sure if this has anything to do with it?

Many thanks (sorry for such a long question)



  • ITB?

    Common runners problem, but luckily for me one of the few I haven't suffered from.  They are problem areas and a trip to the physio, or at least for a sports massage is a good idea

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