Can treadmills other than when the weather is really bad help with long distance training and if so how, what sort of programs do people use them for I prefer running outdoors but since I have a gym membership am looking at ways to use the treadmill in my 4 times a week running program for marathon training


  • There is no problem with using a treadmill as part of training. Its a forgiving surface to run on, so can be useful where you need to get off the tarmac / concrete when the fields and footpaths are a no go. Provided you harden yourself up to running long distances on roads, then there is no reason not to use a treadmill as part of training, other than the boredom aspect.

    I have done a few interval sessions recently on the treadmill and its worked out really well for me. I have also done some tempo, fartlek and progressive runs that were good. Long runs at a constant pace have no interest for me on the treadmill - just too mindnumbing.

    You could also do short recovery runs while at the gym to help with the training.

  • Thanks for that I use them for tempo/hill work and on the plus side at the gym I can do some swimming or weights afterwards
  • I'm looking to buy a treadmill for the days I can't get out because of family commitments -  normally I would run on the roads.

  • tempo, hills, recovery all possible.  Always have it up one notch to simulate outside then the world is your oyster....  I don't do the telly thing with treadies - you don't concentrate on the training IMHO so it becomes an active telly session not a training run.  I love my treadie in this weather....

  • I've bought a treadmill as I have a long commute so I can't get to the gym before work and sometimes I have to work late. I enjoy training on the treadmill in the week and appreciate running outside so much more on the weekend
  • I bought one in November as an alternative and enjoy doing intervals on it. Sometimes my shift work means running at unsociable hours so the treadmill has been great for that. I actually find the treadmill is harder than running outside so figure it must be doing me some good..

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