Slaughterford 9 2013 DNS

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I've just looked at the results for this year's Slaughterford 9, as I know a couple of people that had signed up for it, and there was an absolutely shocking number of non-starters. I didn't count them all up but at a glance I'd say about a third of the entrants didn't start. I then looked back at the results from the previous few years and it would seem that this year wasn't exceptional in that respect. I get that there is always going to be a few people who sign up for an event and then don't turn up on the day, for whatever reason, but I can't understand why there would be so many non-starters for this event. Just saying...


  • Something to do with the snow putting people behind on their training maybe ?
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    The DNS count was about the same last year and I don't remember there being much snow then.
  • As it is cheap as well as tough for a Wiltshire race, I think people enter it early with the intention to see how they feel...

    Probably the organisers take the proportion into account. If everyone who entered turned up,  there would be too many taking part! 

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    Fair point... I hadn't taken the cost into consideration.
  • I did it last year, and the morning of the race it was freezing fog. Bitterly child and no views to make up for all the hills. Not surprised so many didn't turn up. This year, although the snow had gone, everywhere would have been incredibly boggy (one of my regular short routes takes in a small part of the course, and it was ankle deep).

    It id's a great race though, and my finishers t shirt is one of only 2 that I wear in public because I'm so proud of it image
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