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At a recent event I overheard the guy standing next to me on the start line say to his mate that he never bothered warming-up before an event as he considered it to be a waste of energy. I was wondering if anyone thinks he could be onto something there.


  • depends on the length of race and what kind of runner you are...... for a short race then probably best if you do....if you intend to sprint it....for a martahon or uotra probably best to run the first few miles slower to warm up........image

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    I guess his result was a waste of time to match.

  • marathon or ultra i meant aboveimage

  • At my age I find if I do a proper warm up I'm too knackered for anything over 5km
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    To be fair it was only a 10K but not sure if that would be sprintable. And I have no idea what his time was. I agree that the first few miles taken at a slower pace could constitute a warm-up but I'd have thought it would be better to run the whole thing at a decent pace.
  • You could consider the whole thing to be a waste of energy. But some people enjoy the social side.
  • Not really, I've had my best results after a proper warm up.  If that bloke didn't have a warm-up in him before the race, he was probably under prepared anyway.

  • since i've started doing a proper warm-up (ie a series of stretches and drills), all my niggles (ITB, abductor) have gone away. it's dull but worthwhile.

    when it comes to races as opposed to training, i reckon it's not worth doing a short warm-up run for a 10-miler or HM because it's just wasting energy. But i think it definitely is for a 5k or 10k -- especially if you include a section at target race pace. that way you can slip naturally into your pace when the gun goes. i've found it really makes a difference.

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    What type of energy does anyone think they have, that can be wasted?

    We all have enough energy, but the game is about releasing and processing that energy fast enough.


  • Definitely worth it for a shorter race. As you start running, you are (apparently) using your anaerobic system for the first half-mile or so, at which point your body will switch to the aerobic system - I guess this is what is generally meant by getting your second wind. In a race setting, you are better trying to start at the aerobic stage, as the point where you switch can get feel a bit crappy. So I use the warm-up to get the aerobic system ready to function before the race starts. Definitely seen an improvement in times as a result.

  • Taxi Driver - like almost everything thing else to do with running and keeping fit, it really is just down to the individual as to what suits them

    though if ones never tried, then how would one know

  • I would consider it worthwhile for any race as I don't want to waste time warming up in the first mile or 2 of a race. Typically I will warm up for at least 15 mins before a race. Even a 5k whereby my warmup is normally longer than my race!

    Each to their own to do what works for them, the idea of wasting energy is laughable though.

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    Thanks for the replies -- I agree that it is each to his own and that different approaches will suit different people but as ever it is just interesting to get the views of others.
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