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  • You've missed the bit where the announcers and the press releases accuse women of not returning their sponsorship money. Perhaps they didn't get any? Or perhaps they thought that the over-the-top entry fee, which would give any commercial organiser a healthy profit, was enough of a donation?



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    How does it cost 14.99 each to enter? what does all that money go on.

    Most 5ks are run for a lot less and have to pay for proper timing etc.
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    Another person taking away from the positivity of the events and the research the money funds! 

    Oh I love all that, just don't like the blackmail and the slurs on the participants who genuinely think they are helping to fund cancer research when they enter the race. 


    Blackmail? It clearly states on the website what the entry fee is for.. As said before, without the events the millions would not have been raised! There are always people with negative views when others are trying to do good, big shame really! Of course the alternative is to not have an entry fee at all and then take the cost of organising the events from people's sponsorship money! Enter any organised event and you have to pay! 

    An organised event in a Park, with no road closures and using equipment previously purchased and with no chip timing could be done at minimal cost. The thing that gets most of the people who have posted in this thread is that they clearly state that NONE of the entry fee goes to charity - so where does it go?

    As you state there will always be people with negative views, those clearly outweigh the positive views on this thread.

    For someone with no vested interest you appear to have a bit to say, particularly as the thread poster who is obviously connected to R4L (but didnt want to pay RW for advertising) has gone very quiet

    IF you can provide the figures and show where the £14.99 per entrant goes then people may change their views, R4L is generally good for running as it gets women (as men arent allowed to enter) off their fat arses and doing something, Its the way that the appear to mislead people into believing they have made a donation by entering and then plague them after the event for sponsorship.

  • I agree that they should state where (if there are any) the profits go but I can hardly imagine they go any where else other than into the research! I highly doubt that someone is taking it home with them however not all are in parks and it does state that the entry fee goes to organisation of all events!
  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    Why should requesting transparency be interpreted as negativity?
  • Plenty of people do think that their entry fee goes to charity, this has been mentioned fairly often on these threads. I think more people understand this now.

    I have to say that their webpage isnt very clear on this at all. Maybe its clearer when you actually sign up to a race though. 

  • M T 22 wrote (see)
    I agree that they should state where (if there are any) the profits go but I can hardly imagine they go any where else other than into the research! I highly doubt that someone is taking it home with them however not all are in parks and it does state that the entry fee goes to organisation of all events!

    Limited imagination I suspect then MT22.......

  • Thats not exactly charity though is it Nick - you do get benefits for paying your taxes.
  • The other thing about R4L is that its not very challenging, and to be honest I would rather sponsor someone for a local 10k or HM who actually did some training. Rather than the ladies who get up on a sunday to stroll round a un- measured non timed 5k.

    I know people will say "oh but you got to start somewhere" but Parktrun would be a better place to start. IMHO

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    It's also free to enter.
  • I've never got Parkrun....

    It's free, No medal, No goody bag and no charity

    Is it really a proper race ?

  • so I underestimated the figures .so race for life get millions for holding the races.none of which goes to cancer charity..........

    what i still want to know if where can I find a breakdown for their costs........

    out of principle i give to charities but i won't give if someone is taking money for it by collecting..

    I will sponsor someone who is paying their own costs to walk the great wll of china but will not sponsor them if part of my sponsorship is going to cover their costs for a trip of a lifetime.......

     Its great that millions are raised but i wouldn't want to support a charity if they are pocketing hundreds of thousands of cash in their own pockets whilst organising these things.........

    This may not be the case here which is why i am asking the person who promoted it on this site where i can see the figures of expenditure so i can be satisfied that I  am supporting a good cause without lining the pockets of individuals on the way....

    I think everyone who gives to charity should enquire where the money is going to and that it is being wisely spent and that a fortune is not going to some individuals


  • Mr Puffy wrote (see)

    And the way they announce that "Thirty per cent of women DO NOT HAND OVER THEIR SPONSORSHIP" and then email participants for months afterwardsasking them where their money is, as if they've pissed it up the wall in Benidorm, when in fact they thought they were supporting cancer research  just by paying the inflated entry fee.

    The reason women don't "hand over" their sponsorship is because they collect it directly on sites like justgiving, so they don't have anything to hand over.  I've already raised this on the CRUK Facebook page as it's horribly misleading and makes people very angry.  Also - lots of people sign up but then don't do it for whatever reason, so of course they don't hand over any cash because they haven't "earned" any.  Of course, I was completely ignored. Why let the truth get in the way of an emotive headline?

    Race for Life got me running, so I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I find CRUK's attitude arrogant at times. I don't like organisations who ignore comments on Facebook.  There's also the whole controversy about excluding men and boys, though it's unclear to me why the men who want to raise money can't choose another event to run (I was told it's because they're all 10ks and some guys want to do 5k - I give you parkrun then and actually a lot of longer events have 5k fun runs). I much prefer parkrun or the many club-organised lower-key but as good if not better events.

    It's also a mystery to me how it can cost so much to put on when there's no timing, no closed roads etc and the medals are rubbish!  But I don't deny that the events make a lot of money for a deserving cause.

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