Re -Hydration

Hi all I am in the middle of my marathon training , Trying to improve my re-hydration when running and after my run, but don't no how to work it out , I did 16 miler ,ave 8.20 pace , I lost 3lb in weight , I had 2 gels and drank 500ml of sports drink , is there a set formula to work it out , Regards scooter


  • Don't over complicate things. If you over hydrate after a run you'll wee it out anyway. Go from the colour of your wee ?
  • Generally 1ltr of fluid = 1KG (2.2lb) in weight. Even elite runners are 2% dehydrated at the end of a run. Drink to thirst not a formula

  • Don't make the mistake of thinking if you lost 3lbs of weight you should have drunk 3 lbs of water. You should NOT finish a run with the same weight as you started, that's a sign of over hydration which has potentially worse side affects than under hydration.

    Elite marathoners finish the race in the most dehydrated state compared to all other runners and are often 5-7% lighter at the end of a marathon.

    The key message is drink to thirst.
  • Thank you for all the info

    Regard scooter
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