Non-branded Iron distance triathlons. Any recommendations?

Hi I'm looking for my first iron distance triathlon for 2014 and was thinking about a non-ironman branded race in the UK. I've heard great things about the Outlaw but does anyone have any other recommendations? Thanks!


  • Enduroman oneis  tough but briliant eventimage

  • Great thanks image
  • I enjoyed IMUK. The bike is better than Outlaw (IMHO)
  • Theres a cheap one in Dartford  - Midnightman I think?

    The Brutal? One that runs up Ben Nevis launched this year?

  • there are 17 this year I believe in the UK.only 2 of those are the branded ones.........can't see there being enough market for them all so will be interesting to see which ones are still around in 2014

  • Big Woody?

  • yea sorry  - tight trousers 






    couldnt help it image 


  • image


    .. or does that just make it worse .....image

  • image explains a lot DK - I'd heard the Big Woody wasn't the proper length - always came up a bit short image

  • I tried the Little Woody but had to pull out prematurely.

  • That's why its always best to go for a proper certified, full length, hard one ..... like Lanza image

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    image explains a lot DK - I'd heard the Big Woody wasn't the proper length - always came up a bit short image

    i keep telling my OH that we really do have an 84" tv but i still think she doubts me

  • My woody is 12" long, but I don't use it as a rule.

  • Yeah I did look at the Big Woody, and no, that didn't invole stalking any fellow members of this forum :-P

    It looks good, at the moment I'm torn between that or the Outlaw for 2014. Does IMUK sell out fast? The extra cost puts me off a branded IM race too but maybe IMUK is not so bad in comparison to some of the others.
  • They both sold out this year, Outlaw in less then a week (although they have just put 100 places back out) and IMUK sold out in about two months this year.

  • Thanks, I'm looking for 2014 but trying got gauge when I need to make the decision by!
  • I did outlaw in 2013 and have to say it excellent at £250 about £200 cheaper than IMUK but think it has probably sold out by now. Have done the big and little woody and both are tough races with a small friendly atmosphere but yes the courses have changed at last minute due to road works etc and come up a few miles short. Did cotswold 113 middle distance as a warm jp to outlaw last year and it was really well run and they are running a 226 event in 2014. Campsite just across the road it's £240 a flat fast course.

  • If you're not too far from a ferry port and don't mind something low key you could try  20 mins from Calais, early July and 190 euros to enter.  Easy course too.


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