Treadmill - Life Fitness 9100HR - advice

I'm a regular runner, but don't take it too seriously. However my new job has made it more difficult for me to run when it's not completely dark.

My parents haven't exercised in years and now they're getting older they'd like to. My Dad has suggested getting a treadmill a few times but has been put off by the prices for a half decent one.

We've recently come into some money and now is the time (not least because we keep racing dogs and it'd enable my dad to train them on it too!)

However, we're struggling with what to buy. Having used gym-standard ones my standards are quite high...


However, there seem to be plenty available on eBay that are gym-standard being sold. For example here:


However, I have no idea about the build quality of these things. £400 is very cheap for what it is, but are they designed to last? Would we get years use out of it?


I know people can't answer these questions as they don't know about the specific product, but if anyone has any experience with treadmills of this nature do they last well (so if they're in good knick they're likely to stay that way?)


Any advice/comments would be great.


Thanks image


  • I think the build quality of these looks reasonably high. The problem is that it has been used in a gym setting and you may not get a reliable understanding of how much use, abuse and upkeep it has had.

    I had a Look at the specs of this, and got different specs coming up for the 9100HR. Is top speed 10mph or 12mph, and I saw a couple of different motors. I have seen these fully refurbished for 1750gbp with a guarantee.

    A couple on ebay have already gone - make sure you don't end up with the runt of the pack
  • All obvious concerns, it is a difficult one. We have about £1kGBP to spend so we obviously want one that's going to last and is atleast close to gym quality.


    Thanks for your reply though.

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