Garmin-Ready Marathon Schedule


Can anyone get the Garmin-ready Marathon schedules to download?  I keep getting a server error.

Many thanks,



  • They seem to be borked.  They had errors in some of the workouts, though, so you might be better off registering at Micoach, creating a programme there, then loading that in to Connect or Training Center.

  • Tried to down load them last year. Didn't work, think they only work with older garmins.

    This year I am using the p and d program instead. Much better.
  • @Surrey Runner - which Garmin did you try with?

  • 610.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone!

  • Works on 610 with Training Centre

    There is also training plans available through Garmin Connect. These are all heart rate based

  • I downloaded one of the HM schedules last week and it worked. Some errors in there though, so it needs checking and correcting.

    Not sure I like the program though: too much steady state running wears me out.
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