Bakers cyst

HI, had a scan of my knee because of regular pain after running and it appears that i have a bakers cyst. my GP said that they dont tend to drain the cyst because they do reoccur. (NHS cost???))

i can run, but my leg is very painful after a run. and i feel that i cant really push myselft becuase my knee is a bit sore whilst i run.

anyone out there running with a bakers cyst? what do you do to relieve the pain and disconfort? looking forward to reading your comments. will be appreciated.thanks


  • Had one post op...apparently not that rare, If it goes firm get the could ask quack for a cortisone shot. I had one and it helped healing immensely. Literally could not bend the joint pre-shot.That was April last year and cyst free since

  • HI Straycelt,


    thanks for your reply? did you have to ask your GP for it or did he suggest it. I am in pain when bending my knee after a run, and would really like to get it sorted. thanks

  • Hi Mariam

    Did you get it sorted? I've been having dreadful pains down the back of my leg after running, so I went to see the physios. She's told me it's likely to be a baker's cyst. I'm desperate to get it fixed. Did you keep running despite having the cyst?

  • Hi Miriam, just posted very simliar! have you got it sorted yet? if so how?

  • Dear ALL!! I have just been diagnosed with a Bakers Cyst and I am beside myself. I have entered 3 marathons plus the Disney challenge in January which I should already be training for. I have been out for three months and unfortunately due to my stupid GP have only just been diagnosed. How long were you out of running and how long after diagnosis were you back running?

  • Any chance you could tell us what happened? Early symptoms, training, how was it diagnosed etc?

  • Sideburn, long story! Started training in January for marathon at beginning of May. Training was going well untill I got achillies Tendonitis in both legs. Took a two week break, ran the marathon with no problems. Had a weeks break but my calf started to hurt. Was due to run Stockhom in May, but pain in calf and then knee gotvworse. Decided to train and run marahton without further training. Rested and biked. On the day I started running and knew very quickly I wouldn't finish. That was the 31st May and I haven't been able to run since. 6 week break did not help at all. My gP refused to refer me, said it was nothing. For me the pain was wierd, but every so often I got extreme pain in the back of my knee, I mean agonising, lasting hours. Other times it was at the front of the knee and othertimes on the inside. GP fonally refered. Me at the end of July, specialist diagnosed it withon 10 mons, although I am having a scan tomorrow to confirm and also check for DVT. Bakers Cysts come from an injury which causes a build up of fluid


  • Ouch! Do you think it could have been caused by building up your training too quickly for the Marathon? Hopefully you will have a speedy recovery, you can ride a bike OK?

  • Had a bakers cyst behind my left shoulder once. Used to machine large steel plates at work. The cyst was so bad I had to hold my left hand with my right to move it forward. Cleared up after physio and never came back


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