Outside knee stiffness and sore

Hi This has only happened recently and it started when I got to 7 miles - my knee started to feel sore on the outside of my knee. I stopped and it gradually got sore onwards during the day. I took ibuprofen and iced and rested for a few days. I felt the soreness/ tightness on the outside as I bent my leg to walk and goin upstairs. I massaged the area and it eased off. I then ran again and got to 3 miles before it flared up again. I walked then continued then got a sharp pain so I stopped and walked home. Then i did the usual icing and massage and resting again. I went out for a run today after a week of just swimming and its started again. Any ideas?


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    You should probably go and see some medical professional but it sounds like it could be an ITBS issue, although there are probably other things it could be.
  • There's a bit of this about.  The 3rd thread today.  Agree with taxi driver that you should search ITBS on this forum... and find lots of threads that could be helpful.

  • I had similar and someone suggested my trainers!! The trainers I was wearing where just a pair of trainers I liked the look of but it turned out they offered no support and after visiting a specialist shop I found I needed a support shoe which certainly helped and my outside knee pain was sorted.

    Might have nothing to do with it but gives you something to consider.
  • Thank you. Knee still sore today but not as much. Have started doing hip strengthening exercises such as side leg lifts and bridges. I have just swapped trainers but they are identical to my old ones. Incidentally I was wearing my old trainers when this started. I also have a foam roller and started rolling Itb too.
  • Thought i'd update as this may be useful....

    I rested my knee for a couple of days - foam rolled and iced and but what seems to have made the difference which i have been doing this time which i didn't on the previous flare up was the 'glute strenghtening' exercises namely the 'bridge' one.....which i've been doing for the past few days atleast twice a day reps of 10.

    I've managed to run 4 miles today and no knee soreness yet!!!

    Keep you posted.



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