Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has got probs with there knee's hurting after a run and not during it. I only seem to get these pains after I finish my running or after I have been driving. I believe that it may be down to my knee cap being pulled to one side leaving it out of line. It hurts behind the knee and over the front of my knee. I will be doing my first marathon this May and I am really worried that it will put an end to this!!


  • I'm no expert... but you do mention that you think it's down to your knee cap being pulled to one side.

    Just in case you're unaware, that is a classic symption of a tight IT Band (Iliotibial Band Syndrome... ITBS).

    Try googling that, and using the search function on this forum.  That could help you self-diagnose and read advice on how to get over it.  But a trip to the physio is not a bad idea!  Good luck with it.

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