Sharing training notes?

A couple of my friends and I have signed up to the She Runs Windsor 10k in May, but we're unable to physically train together as we live in different areas of the country. 

Does anyone know of a good way that we can keep each other accountable, keep track of what we've each done in terms of training, make notes, chat etc? I was thinking of a Google Drive spreadsheet, but there might be a better option...

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  • Use Training Peaks ? and share the info that way

    or just write up as a blog ?

  • Thanks Dave. 

    I do already write a blog, but I was more thinking of something where we could just tick off that we've completed that days run/workout, and make a note of times/pace etc. Name and shame/offer encouragement to those people who are struggling to stick to it- I think it would help me to get going if I could see that all of my friends had already done that run etc...

    Maybe I'm asking too much! Will have a look at Training Peaks...

  • Yeah, Strava, or follow each other on Garmin Connect. or

  • Thanks! Will have a look at those suggestions image 

  • do you use any running apps? runkeeper, endomondo etc, you can 'friend' someone as on facebook, and runs are logged automatically.
    with runkeeper, you will get a 'activity feed' when you log on to the website so you can see how much your friends have done.


  • Hi Beki,

    As you know, I put something on the other thread... but I'll  copy that onto here, so it's all in one place.

    I bet there's a good solution nowadays, and I await to see if anyone can advise on something really good.

    I'm part of a little facebook group. That would be better (IMO) than a googledrive spreadsheet, because it is more social, you can 'chat' and upload photos... and you can upload a spreadsheet too. If you use a smartphone to monitor you runs, like runtastic, you can upload directly to facebook too.  But, as I say, there might be better technology out there... I'm a bit behind the times!

    Already, I see some interesting replies that look worth looking into.  I'll look into those too.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions! I use a Garmin forerunner 10, and I think my friends use apps on their phones so not necessarily compatible- will have to look into it.  

    I do appreciate that we need something fun, and not too time consuming as the running is the focus of course! But it is nice to see what other people are doing, and it gives you a kick to get out there, otherwise you'll look like you're slacking, haha. image

  • Hi Beki, find out what apps the others are using?

    if the others are using running phone apps such as runkeeper, you would be able to still join in as you can export your garmin routes as GPX files and then upload to the app website. Or with some you can import directly from the garmin anyway.

  • Ooh thanks Max's Mum! That would be great image I'll ask them... 

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