Training whilst apart?

A couple of my friends and I have signed up to the She Runs Windsor 10k in May, but we're unable to physically train together as we live in different areas of the country. 

Does anyone know of a good way that we can keep each other accountable, keep track of what we've each done in terms of training, make notes, chat etc? I was thinking of a Google Drive spreadsheet, but there might be a better option...

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  • I bet there's a good solution nowadays, and I await to see if anyone can advise on something really good.

    I'm part of a little facebook group. That would be better (IMO) than a googledrive spreadsheet, because it is more social, you can 'chat' and upload photos... and you can upload a spreadsheet too. If you use a smartphone to monitor you runs, like runtastic, you can upload directly to facebook too.  But, as I say, there might be better technology out there... I'm a bit behind the times!

    Edit...  I just saw that you created another thread with the same question... and some interesting replies have been put on there.  I'll look into those too.

  • Ooh that's a really good idea, thanks! I'll look into it image 

  • Cant you just text them ? Or Whatsapp them ? You want them running rather than updating spreadsheets. Its always a bit of a kick to get you out if your mates are training. 

  • Get them on here. Open a thread under the Events tab, and you can get lots of focussed people who all have the same goal as you. The ironic thing that you may find is that your mates may not be QUITE so committed as you. They may not want to admit that they have had a bad day/ bad week/ or a dawning realisation that it was all a bad idea. The threads mean that there is always someone who is upbeat, and will help get your backside out of the front door. Thaat's why I like it here.

  • If you all use the Nike plus running app which you can get on iPhones or ipod touches, you can communicate with your friends via the 'Nike' community and/or via Facebook. You can automatically set it to upload your runs to facebook or twitter so your friends can see when you have run and how far you have gone. I think you can also set up challenges but not used this option before. It will keep a log of all your times, distances run, PBs, maps of runs and dates you have run.

  • If you use endomondo and have them all on there as 'friends' you can see each others runs and comment on them. You're even meant to be able to 'peptalk' which sends an audible message to them if you type it whilst they're running (haven't tried that though).

    FB group works well, and you can keep it private if you want to. You can also put a link to a google drive spreadsheet on the fb group.
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