Foot pain - new runner - advice?

I'm totally new to running, and exercise in general really. Started 'Couch to 5k' recently, and completed the first two weeks before heavy snow kept me in for a couple of weeks. Today I did the first run of Week 3 of the plan and experienced sharp pain in the arch of my right foot, extending to the heel, on the inside. Any advice on how to make it go away?


  • At first reading, these sounds like classic symptoms of inflammation of the "Plantar Fascia" - a fairly common runners' problem.  

    Hopefully this gives you a starting point to Google it, to try to verify that your symptoms do match this condition... then indeed use the search function in this forum - because you'll find dozens of threads with advice on this subject. 

    I've never had it, so I can't really offer more than that.  Good luck...  starting out running often leads to an injury here and there - which can feel very discouraging, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks a hundred-fold.

  • it could also be referred pain from calf muscles image

    Also if you are a new runner and have only done 2-3 weeks of the C25K then had to take 2 weeks off, i would say you need to start at week one again?

  • Hi. As a sports massage therapist, I tend to agree with both Run Wales and Max's Mum's responses. Another bit of advice - make sure that your running shoes are properly fitted and right for your running style. How to make it go away?

  • Sorry - I didn't finish before hitting 'submit'! Well, I'm biased when I suggest you see a good sports massage therapist!

  • Thanks for your responses guys. Started back on week 1 of Couch to 5k last week, and doing more calf and foot stretching, and it seems to be mostly ok. I can feel a "distant" pain after about 6-7 minutes running, but that's an improvement on earlier in the week so it must be getting better. Thankfully, it seems to be more of a one-off strain than a serious issue like PF.

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