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My first post in this forum, so please forgive me if there's a dedicated thread for such a partners request (I did look)....

I've signed up to my first ever race.  It's actually a lot of firsts, my first timed run, my first marathon distance, my first trail run and first multi day event!  The Votwo Jurassic Coast challenge on 22-24 March.  I plan to go in the run/walk class.

And now I have two months to train....

I'm in ok shape, running to/from work every other day (15mile roundrip) and interspersed with cycling the route on the days in between.  I also climb and do BMF for strength training.  But my experience of long runs, anything over 9 miles, is non existent.  And thus far only on tarmac with the odd jaunt through a park.

I have however done many long days trekking in mountains and last year walked the London to Brighton.

Anyone in London area looking to do some longer runs and ideally off road?  Like I'm thinking of getting train out to top of Epping Forest and running back to Liverpool Street through as many parks as possible.

Or running sections of the Green Chain which so far I've only walked.

If anyone's keen on joining up, do let me know.





  • I'm doing day three only of this (didnt think i could manage three marathons! - maybe next year!) but lucky enough to be living in Dorset so i have a lot of chance to train on the actual terrain. image

  • Hi there,

    I'm running my first marathon (Paris) on 7th April, and am following the Garmin 4 hours plan. I'm currently starting week 7 of 16.

    I'm looking for someone to train with in London for the sunday long runs, I am based in the east end, so tend to do a lot of the regents canal, victoria park, the east end of london, and some central london, but am already quite bored of my routes, so looking for some company, and always keen for somewhere different to run.

    Look forward to hearing if you, or anyone else is interested!






  • colin

    we're doing the JCC too - went down there and recce'd the part of the course from lulworth cove to weymouth and round portland too last weekend. i'd highly recommend it - dead cheap (£14 train from waterloo) and a B&B only about £35 too - but good to check out the terrain, its pretty hilly and very, very muddy. we're reasonable runners (sub 40min 10k's ers) but simply couldnt get under 12m/mile with the conditions, and it was sunny! should be an epic race though, albeit we've now revised our plans and concluded time is a completely irrelevant, its all about getting round!


  • part of the coast path is closed at the moment, so look out for news of route changes.

  • Hi. I did the JCC a couple of years back - the first day to Lulworth Cove is pretty brutal. Do lots and lots of hills!

    If you can get through day one, then the first hour of day two is pretty tough also, but the rest is fine.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks 3D, being a Londoner hills are somewhat sparse, but heading down to run a section of the SDW to Eastbourne this weekend to get some mileage on the Seven Sisters!

    So if I hear you right, Day 1 is hell, so is Day 2, but if you get to Day 3, you'll be ok...oh god what have I done image

  • I would say day 3 will be worse, sorry Colin!
    3D you probably did it when it was run in the opposite direction.
    Day three is Lulworth to Studland. biggest elevation day. image

    Why i picked the worst day to do i dont know, figured it was home turf i guess. . . imageColin if you cant get to hills, pick a tall building (must be a few of those nearby!) and run up and down the stairwell?  image

  • Oh right, yes it was run the opposite way round the year when I did it. At least that means that the first day and a half will be straightforward (ish)

  • Week today guys!  Excited and intimidated.  Been training ok, 40-50 miles a week, and at least one long trail run in there...and as much hills as possible!  Being doing the Seaford to Eastbourne run a few times as that's got some mean hills and my friend said it was similar to JCC?

    Feet quite blistered from some Salomon Crossmax Guidance that I just didn't get on with, now running Mizuno Wave Ascend 7s with a pair of Speedcross 3 in reserve in case it's a mud fest on the day.

    I'll be running in the Jogger class but if anyone want's to say hi look out for the guy in grey Salomon hydration vest and bright orange Mizunos!


  • well done Colin, I wish i could say I have been doing as much mileage as you but my best week seems to have been about 33 miles only!

    still I am only attempting the one day so hopefully i've done enough - too late to worry now tho!

    that nasty detour is still in there, adds about 3km to the distance as far as I can tell. image


    Oh and its raining again down here, so mudfest alert!

  • mmmm  BBC weather isn't promising....


    South West England Forecast Summary
    • Outlook for Thursday to Saturday

      A rather unsettled spell, with wet and very windy conditions on Thursday and Friday. Lighter winds on Saturday, but still the risk of rain or showers.

  • hmm, today the forecast looks like: wet friday, damp saturday, dry but overcast sunday.

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