Focusing on the miles.

I started a 16 week marathon programme at the turn of the year to try and get a GFA time in the VLM. A harder schedule than any I had previously done.

But got caught out be the "eyes on the miles" trap and wasn't hydrating properly. Resulting in a week of feeling like crap.

Managing better now, using SIS products.

Does anyone else use these, or have any tips?


  • I take water on my long run, but other than that, I run without water up to about 15 miles. When I get back I make sure I eat and drink as part of normal recovery. Just keep well hydrated inbetween runs.  In the past I have used High 5 Zero tablets (electrolyte - 0 carbs), but in this weather I don't sweat nearly as much as the warmer months.

  • Yes... just be sure that you're just not overdoing it a bit, or maybe even having a minor virus of which there are many flying around.

    Unless you are doing very very  long runs - or being a bit dehydrated before you even start, then I'd be a bit surprised if dehydration is really the cause of your bad week... but then again, that's based on my own physiology!

  • Thanks for the advise guys, I think I just need to be a bit more sensible and look after myself a bit better.

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