Best running shoes for womens stability?

Hi, I have been running for 4 years now and have always worn Saucony Omni's. However, my last pair were awful! I bought the exact same pair as I had before - Saucony Omni 8's and they are completely different and giving me awful pelvis pain. Any recomendations for a different womens stability shoe?


  • Your best bet would be to go to a running shop, explain the problem, and get them to give you some recommendations.

    Many larger shops have a treadmill you can try the shoes out on, and they will often video your feet while you run, to see which shoes are best for you.

  • ALso be sure that it is the shoes that are causing the problem ... it may be a coincidence

  • Omni 8's are ancient tho, my Oh has just bought a new pair and they are 11's
  • So you have gone from one pair of Omni 8's to another pair of Omni 8's ?

    Suggest it's not the shoes, and as I pointed out they are around 2 years old already. Women's are up to 11's and men's up to 12's
  • Naomi Beresford 2 wrote (see)

    My local running store is only small and although they do do video gait analysis they only stock Adidas, Brooks and New Balance I think so was looking to find recomendations for what others have found best.

    Take a trip to the nearest large store.  You're more likely to get sound advice from someone who can look at your feet and your running.

  • Brooks stability shoes all the way for me.

    Good luck!

  • Nothing wrong with staying with your favourite shoe Naomi. I've had pair after pair of Asics 2170s for 3 years and I'm sticking with 'em. Really surprised that your new pair of Omnis was so different though. That must be really disconcerting and I'm not surprised you're wondering where to go from here. Have you tried returning them and getting another Omni 8? - you could have had a dodgy pair that fell of the production line? it happens.

    However long-term, the gait analysis IS the way to go. Though combine it with your own instincts. My local running store offers it but like yours only stocks a few brands (luckliy Asics is one of them). If I were you I would give myself a massive day out to your nearest big running store. (I could spend all day in mine). Someone will watch you on the treadmill and show you the video so you can see what's happening. You will then try on dozens of possibly suitable pairs, have a little trot in each and choose your favourite. 

    You might be surprised too - I (and my gait analysis guy) was shocked to see that I do NOT overpronate despite having the flattest feet in the human world. I could go for neutral shoes but the stability of the Asics 2170s seems to suit me and they're not doing me any harm. Last time I went for slightly different Asics Gel DS, as they are a lighter version of the 2170s for speed/races. These give slightly less support and my calves have had to strengthen a bit but all good now. I alternate between running in the DSs and the 2170s and just update them when they're knackered (when I get a random surprise new niggle somewhere I know it's new trainers time). I am tempted by some of the pretty Adidas ones and Nikes look cool but if it ain't broke... I tried out some Brooks just out of interest as a friend loves them but after 2 miles I cried all the way home... image When you know, you just know.





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