More Knees

Hi all, 

There seems to have been a flurry of knee threads here ... but after searching I can't see my particular issue mentioned ...

I'm a very new runner (five weeks and counting ...) I've had painful knees for years when going up stairs, which seems to affect a couple of other people in my family too. Walking and running on the treadmill has never given me any knee trouble. Always thought that it would have a better chance of it improving if I took up some excercise and used them a bit better. This morning I walked up an escalator and by the time I got to the top they were painful enough that I though I migh pass out. A lot worse than normal!

I'm doing a slow beginner programme so no overuse likely at this stage! And I'm getting no problems during or after my runs. Knees or anywhere else!

Should I just persevere or do I need to adjust what I am doing? 

Any thoughts would be very welcome!

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