Uneven leg length

I've been running for 5 years now and have had a series of knee and hip injuries - always down my left leg. I've had physio which I don't have a huge amount of faith in but the therapist made a comment that my left leg was slightly longer than my right. My left foot has always been assessed as needing a stability shoe whereas my right could get away with neutral. Does anyone have any experience of uneven leg length? Would podiatry help? Thanks in advance!


  • I think (I may be wrong) that most people will have an imbalance or discrepancy of some kind which stems from pelvis
    Usually helped by building up a good core and stability .... unless of course he is actually saying that it is a difference in length rather than mechanics in which case I would see someone that you do trust image

  • i have exactly the same problem! i supposedly have a inflamed burtis but the pain is more at the top of my leg rather than down the side. my PT always comments on ny leg length of my left leg and how my foot is flatter yet after numerous attempts to jolt the hip/pelvis so legs are even it nevEr works i believe in Pt for back problems but as far as leg injuries Im still unsure and left with pain and no running after 2 month image
  • Stephanie- I didn't phrase that very well- the pain I have at the minute is at the top of my leg too. Tends to get stiff after a run.

    Recently returned from nearly 3 months with almost no running. Still have mild pain but now it's manageable.

    Was wondering if some kind of insole for the right leg only might help.

    M- eldy , I might get a second opinion!
  • Another Andy here with the same problem. I had problems with my right ankle due to a football injury, which resulted in my right leg bowing slightly. This caused me to have knee and hip joint problems, as well as a permanently tight right calf muscle. I also got a grade 2 hamstring tear in my right leg. Whilst being seen by a physio for that, she noted that my right leg is shorter than the left, which was probably the cause of all my right sided problems. I bought flat 2mm sorbothane insoles on ebay & put one under my running shoe insole on the right foot only, you can get 4mm ones but I think 2mm is the most I could use and still get my foot in the shoe unfortunately! It definitely helps but you're better off going to a bio-mechaniscal assessor who can advise on custom orthoses.

  • Hmmm hopefully more rest will do this for me, i have bought some insoles as the PT suggested but still didnt help the pain, ive took up the bike until it gets better whatever it is although its not the same image seeing my PT tuesday so ill get back and let you know what his next diagnoses is!!

  • Hummmm. True LLD'S are very common but very often give no symptoms at all. If your LLD has been measured by a tape measure and 2 different boney bits (hip and ankle) there is a huge amount of skin slide and measuring discrepancy.

    A 4mm short LLD may be only 2mm but the skin slide and poor measurement gives 4mm. You are now given a raise of 4mm to correct, but only 2mm is needed. You now made your short leg, long by 2mm and your long leg short by 2mm....

    Trying to change a LLD is like dealing with the devil. You don't need to and will always be the source of a constant irritation. I'm with M....eldy on this....
  • I have serverly uneven legs and I can run btw my difference is 2 cm
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