athens marathon 2013

entries for athens marathon 2013 open in march ,cant wait ,hopefully i ill be a bit fitter this year , the hill from 14-20 miles hasnt put me off ,superbly organised and an amazing finish inside the panathanaikon stadium in the centre of athens


  • Martin,

    I've just entered the this race. Seeing that you have run this race before I was wondering if you could pass on any course specific advice? I haven't done a marathon before but would be aiming for sub 3hrs. I'm rapidly realising this course does not appear to be a time friendly course so I may have to revise that before going public. Also, when you registered did you get a confirmation email through straight away or did it take a few days / weeks? The website said my payment had been accepted but I'm yet to see any further confirmation. Regards, Pete.

  • hi pete you should have had an email with your registration number shortly after registering , as for the course , it is tough between 14 and 20 miles ,just one long relentless hill [not too steep though] ,last 6 miles is pretty much all downhill but even then myself included there was plenty of people walking parts of the downhill because of what the hill had taken out of them , it is all worth it though with the finish inside the magnificent panithanikon stadium , i only managed 4.40 which partly due to illness a month before so hoping for better this time , the organisation is superb and the hospitality of the greek people is wonderful ,if u need any advice on hotels etc please contact me as i know athens reasonably well and there is some great places to stay and not expensive although location is important ,there is another thread going on the athens marathon also but if u wanted to contact me direct my email is       cheers martin

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