Hip/bursa injury

I have been a keen runner for nearly three years and have completed half marathons and many 10K races. However ive never had anything more than a muscle ache for a few days.

In decemeber i stupidly ran two 9 miles a day after another with not a rest day and the next morning i woke with a awful pain which i thought was a pulled muscle. I couldnt walk on my left leg for about a week without limping as pressure hurt. so 2 weeks later i went to my sports PT as he works on lower back and after describing the symptoms he said my deep trochanteric bursa was inflammed. over christmas i attended 5 sessions with only 3 being helpful (ultrasound) while applying ice packs on my leg 2/3 times a day.

The pain still consisted after rest into january and i went to the docs to get some i think Naproxen (anti inflamms, something my PT seemed to not tell me about talking - maybe he wanted more money who knows!!). i felt slightly better and now i have just finished my anti inflamms. im due to see my PT a week tomorrow yet feel the diagnoses does not match the pain im feeling, it is no longer down the side of my leg like a bursa is meant to feel like but down the front close to the hip/groin area.

ever since i have been to PT for my lower back pain (in the side where my leg is injured) that pain was never resolved and i feel this could be a slipped disc or something pressing on my sciatica nerve?? 

Dont suppose anyone has experienced this? I also dont see why he hasnt referred for a x-ray/scan with the pain being consistent over a long period time as i may be dealing with a more serious injury?

Its getting me down not being able to run as i have rested for nearly 2 month now and need an alternative but too scared to ride a bike incase i increase this injury.

Any help will be great!


  • I had a similar problem last year and the specialist I seen said hip bursa problems were rare and often diagnosed wrong. If the pain is down your grion area then it sounds like something else.

    PT may not be giving the best diagnosis, I'd ask to see a sports doctor/specialist.

    Mine cleared up after a few weeks rest so sorry to hear yours has been ongoing.

  • Hmmm thought it didnt seem right to be honest, he is a sports injury therapist dunno if thats what you mean?

    What was your problem in the end if you dont mind me asking?

    Anyhoo went to the doctors today and they are referring me to their physio which will take a couple of weeks for a second opinion and hopefully something more positive!


  • I just had to rest, not much help for you I know. and I was only out of action for a few weeks.

    But if its mis-diagosed then your maybe doing the wrong thing.

    Hopefully you'll get sorted out soon.

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