Steyning Stinger 2013

Hi guys. Could someonew please tell me, when it says parets of the course are off road, will I be needing off road trainers or are my normal road trainers going to be okay?

Any other odds and ends of info from people who have previously run in the event or know the course greatly appreciated.



  • Sorry for types, should have checked!!

  • it's very hard

  • its harder than a hard thing.  And very muddy too at the moment.  cracking event! image

  • I do fancy it, have done Snowdon and a few with off road bits. Off road or road trainers though??

  • It's basically over the South Downs, at the moment the downs are very muddy and slippy. If you have off road shoes wear them... Unless the sun comes out between now and March and bakes the earth

  • Thanks .Milou.

  • How does the half compare to Seaford HM for toughness?

  • It's difficult to compare as Seaford is on road and this is off.

    This is a great off road race, with some fantastic views over the Downs and beyond, but it's not an easy race. Have a look at the Steyning AC website for some pics of previous races and you'll get an idea of the toughness.

  • Thanks for the reply Milou - I have to say I don't remember that many roads at Seaford apart from the first mile or so along the seafront and then up to Bishopstone and again at the end, apart from that it's hilly downland up into Alfriston and then again at Seaford Head after the flat bit along the Cuckmere river which is why I thought they might be similar. Are we talking about the same race?

    Don't worry though - I'm intending to turn up at Steyning anyway to see for myself - just a half thoughimage



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