Ankle issue

Is there anything one can do for a lightly sprained ankle? I must have done it running to work in the snow and ice last week, although I didn’t really feel it go at the time. The pain is mainly when I put downward pressure on it when running, rather than with sideways or twisting motion.

I set off to go running on Saturday but turned around after about 500m because there was pain with every stride.

It’s never been swollen, and there’s no bruising, just a niggling pain in there.

Any tips? Are ankle supports any good?


  • I have now decided it isn’t a twisted ankle and appears to be a sharp pain towards the top of the right side of my right leg ankle.

     There is also some pain on the same side of calf higher up which feels like an area of bruising, but without any visible bruising.

     Any ideas?

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