Knee and Calf help needed asap!

Hi there.

I'm new to the runners world forum and wanted to join to get some good advice from experianced runners on a problem that i've been having for the last few weeks.

I've always been a good long distance runner and have mostly only ever ran during a gym work out or a 2km on the road. However this year I have entered the half marathon so have upped my training. This half marathon takes place mid March. I started out on the TM in the gym, doing 5KM/ 3 mile runs and then going on the bike for a further 5km to increase my muscle stamina. My runs have now increased to about 6 miles but this is mainly outside on the roads. I noticed my knee started to twinge after my first 4 mile run, but nothing that a bandage and ice couldn't sort out. However, last tuesday I did a 6 mile run and since I've experianced a lot of complications.

My knee started to twinge after I stopped running so I stretched to try and ease the pain. I then went home and put my bandage back on to compress it and it seemed okay. However I could barely walk on it the following morning and had to wear my bandage to work. I then noticed the pain that was so evident in my knee (around the sides of my knee cap) was now present in the back of my knee and shooting down what would eventually be both sides of my calves.

The pain has subsided and does so when not walked on, yet i've rested for a week now with no running in between and I'm lucky if I can do a brisk walk for 20 minutes without a pain in my calves or knee and now more recently in my shins. It feels like a shooting pain, almost as if a muscle is twisted or a join needs popping back into place. I don't want to over stretch incase I damage something further in my leg.

I plan to see my normal GP tomorrow however I'm quite concerned they won't have the exact knowledge I need to diagnose my problem however what I'm more scared of is that they will say I won't be fit enough to run the half marathon.

I was making good progress with my training and what's more is that I have enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would have and actually look forward to runs and can't wait for the next one.


Has anyone experainced anything like this before? I've tried doing my research on the internet and on here however what i've found is that most people have one or the other, and if they do experiance pain in both their knee and calf it doesn't seem to trace where mine is on my own leg.


Any advice/help would be greatly appreicated.image



  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Knee problems are pretty common amongst runners.  

    You need to see the GP, and most likely will need a referral to see a specialist (most likely either Orthopaedic of Physio depending on the GP's intial diagnosis).

    Hopefully it won't be too serious, and you'll be back running sooner than you think.  But don't rush back into running as you're likely to give yourself other problems as you'll stress other parts of your body whilst trying to compensate for your weakened knee.

    Personal experience with a torn meniscus (knee cartillage) was that I had several different provisional diagnoses from the GP and Orthopaedic Consultant until the exact cause was identified with an MRI, and I googled each one and I had the matching symptoms. So don't expect miracles from tomorrow's GP appointment.

    You won't find very many runners who' haven't missed races due to injury - so don't get too upset if you cant take part in this particular HM, as theres plenty of races later in the year etc.

  • Thank you for your response.

    What other light exercise can I do in the mean time? Is swimming my only option? I'd still like to try and keep fit if I can in the period of not training until if/when I'm faced with the dreaded 'you're not able to take part..' line.

    What did you do to rest yours?


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Swimming & cycling are good alternatives, as you are not weight-bearing.  Howver, if these give you any pain then rest is the best option.  I'm assuming you've followed the RICE routine (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)

    I made the mistake of trying to run on mine, giving myself a groin strain in the process (hence the advice not to run).  

  • I've followed it as best I can. I work at a desk mostly during the day so i've been trying to keep it on a foot stool and obviously have a tube bandage at home.

    I was thinking of maybe investing in a knee support but some advice off one of my friend who is an experianced runner put me off - she suggested I might rely too much on my other knee which isn't damaged thus causing more problems.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I'd wait and see what the GP says, I did try using a knee support for a while, but it depends on the injury whether this will have any benefit.

    Also don't be afraid to challenge the GP, as just like the wider community there's a good proportion of them don't understand runners' motivation, so their advice may be to stop running until it feels better.  If they do say this, ask what can be done to help you to return to running sooner rather than later (e.g. physio etc).

    Good luck!


  • Got back from the GP today who said it's not ligament damage but a sprain to the knee joint which is causing pain down both sides of my calves.

    Does this sound right? He gave me a self referrel form to see a physio so I've now sent that off but could be waiting up to 8 weeks. He said to rest for another 2 weeks with no running,only swimming. He was confident I could still do the half marathon.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Thats good news.  

    I'm assuming thats an NHS physio, you could speed this up by going to see a physio privately, preferably one that specialises in sports injuries, as they are comparatively cheap for Medical professionals.



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