Will 2 weeks off training dash my chances?

Ey up, I was 7 weeks into an 18 week p+n training program when i pick up a knee injury. Saw a pysio not to bad just a bone bruise should be ok in a week meaning  2 weeks off training! Im gona swim and cycle untill i can start runnung again.Im aming for a sub 3 hr marathon, my p.b is 3.20 hrs. My question is should i carry on where i left off or posepone and do a marathon 5 weeks later than the one im signed up for?

Cheers Gary


  • 20 minutes is a big leap in performance.

    It's a big ask even with consistent training so I might try a later race.

    You probably won't have lost much fitness, but you won't have gained any either.
  • Gary what are your HM times and how many miles a week were you running ?

  • Keep up the cardio work until you can return to running. Sods law says you postpone by 5 weeks, and then pick up a new injury as you have been marathon training for 23 weeks.

    Just be smart about not overdoing the running when you are back, and pick a sensible 'B' target of say 3:15.

    I had almost 4 weeks off last time and managed to scrape a pb based on better training and continued improvement. It does feel like a disaster at the time
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