Ice and bikes dont mix!

This is no doubt a v silly question, but I was out on a training ride for the Outlaw at weekend, when, to cut a long story short, my back wheel found a bit of ice...I came off and after a visit to casualty, I've a fracture in my shoulder!

The doctor told me it would take 8-10 weeks recovery, then i'd need physio to help get my arm moving again....practically i'd miss about 3 months of training minimum, so im practically already out of the Outlaw.

Now i understand that every injury is different...but, i just wondered if anyone out there had a similar injury, and just how long did it take before they could start training again? Should i set myself a target of an end of season race at Henley or is it best to give up on 2013 already??

At the mo, im in a sling, taking ibuprofen, feeling sorry for myself and being moody!!



  • There are a few out there who have had similar and some who are in the same predicament at this time

    I will wish you a speedy recovery and let those in the know advise you more  image

  • any chance of seeing how it goes then maybe grabbing a late entry?
    No point in entering Henley if you are not training to 10 weeks out?

    maybe look at a mid - late season half, and upgrade if you can grab a late entry to henley or any other late IM - (there are so many now)

    or go to IM Cozumel......???  its still open image

    or challenge barcelona image

  • I bet that you can do SOME training: on a turbo, not rollers. Even if you are sat up you can get a sweat on and get the legs spinning. You'll not want to set back your CV and leg fitness by 10 weeks.

  • Shoulder = rotator cuff = messy, expensive and never ending.

    I *only* separated mine lightly a few years ago, and after months and months of physio it still isn't right. After a load of hard swims last year it flared up again and I didn't swim for abouyt 2 months. It causes me pins and needles in my upper arm, and this then gets exacerbated when on the TT bars.

    I wish you luck. Please get it sorted properly and come back stronger next year. I guess you can turbo in the mean time image


  • Look at the best case - if it's a fracture without complications and no soft tissue damage then once fixed it shouldn't be a long lasting problem.    You can sit on a turbo in a couple of weeks and then see about starting running again when it's out of a sling - the swimming maybe in 8-10 weeks when it's fixed - that should be the best physio for it anyway.      

    Personally I think you could still complete the Outlaw - not as fast as you might have admittedly - end of season you should be fine.     

  • I'm with popsider, try to stay positive. You can turbo and if you can stand it psychologically you can do 4 hours or more on the turbo. I seem to remember a pro doing an ironman on turbo training only. Running should be possible when out of the sling, and swimming great physio assuming you heal well, (and anyway swimming just gets you to your bike in an ironman). I think it's too early to pull the plug on your Outlaw plans. Get on the turbo, stay positive and keep us up to date on your progress.
  • There's some fairly serious precedent for turboing with a broken arm:

    All the best for your recovery.

  • Thanks very much for the advice, love the photo of Chrissie on the turbo with the pot on!

    I tried to go into work....not a good idea, the doctors have signed me off for 6 weeks (tho hope to be back before then). Ive been told to be v careful so to avoid needing my shoulder pinned, so im not rushing back to training, tho turning my legs on the turbo in another week or so surely cant hurt)

    Im pretty much sure that im not going to be able to do myself justice at the Outlaw and will prob pull out, I may look at Henley for an end of season race to aim on.

    Thanks for the best wishes

  • hope you heal quickly....

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