shin pain after a first run

i have spent many years as an unhealthy overweight guy and am doing something about it.

i was weighing in at about 20 stone, am now a fraction under 16 but will get to 12 eventually. until i was about 19 i was very active, now at 29 i am fine with very long walks etc but my first run last night was a bit of a chore! i walked for about an hour and broke it up with 3 brisk jogs, each about 3-5 mins on tarmac/concrete which is the only option really here.


my shins started to ache and have done overnight and all through today. i know this is common, but could do with any advice of how to reduce it. there are no running specialist shops nearby that i know of, can anyone reccommend any trainers that are good at helping reduce this or any other tips? thanks


  • MH, it's your first run, you're going to ache. Take a rest day or two, and do it again. Look on the website here and you'll find plenty of advice on how to start off running, with some beginner specific plans.

    I do think you need to find yourself a specialist running shop just to make sure you have the right trainers. Where do you live?
  • thanks for the reply. i live halfway between york and hull. the nature of my job means i spend sometimes 3 hours a day driving which probably doesnt help. i am going to do a really short jog now, maybe only literally 5 mins surrounded by a walk of 10-15  mins just to keep myself in the habit. i used to play football regularly and seem to remember having this pain at times, although rarely bad

  • Hi Mike,

    If you're driving 3 hours a day, you must pass close to a specialist running shop several times a week!  In York, there's an "Up and Running" shop, and a "Sweatshop"... both reputable. There's "Simply Running" in York... which looks ok according to the internet.

    I also put something on your other thread.

  • thanks, going to visit up and running this morning and see how much i can get away with not spending!

  • Just remember that your shoes are the most important piece of kit you have - skimp on the other, less important stuff.

  • Shin splints are always a risk when starting off exercise, particularly if carrying some excess timber. You need to start off really gently until the muscles of your legs develop to provide sufficient support for the impact running brings. And decent shoes are, of course, a must.

  • I was tired.  Simply Running is in Hull. But all I did was google it.

    By the way, Mike. Let us know how you got on.  What did they say about your gait? What did you buy?

  • hi, i went to sweatshop in york in the end as i literally drove past it today. i did 1/10th of a mile on the treadmill in 5 different pairs, and ended up buying a pair of mizuno wave inspire 8's. i have walked a mile in them but not run yet, will aim for a run tomorrow night hopefully

  • A fine pair of shoes. I've only once bought anything other that Mizuno Wave Inspires and regretted that.


  • thanks for the comment, i was unsure which to get, i tried 2x new balance, and 1 asics and adidas, i tried to block from my mind how they looked/the brand and didnt ask the price of any of them so no idea if the mizuno were cheap or not but i had the attitude of they cost what they cost and was happy they came in well under £100 which was the limit id mentally set myself. just hope they are comfy when pounding the street.


  • Its good they let you try the trainers while running in them, thats really the best way to see which pair are right for you.  HIghest cost does not necessarily mean they are the best - studies have proven that.

    Agree with the above advice, just take it slowly and build up the time you're running - if it hurts alot the day after maybe reduce the time a little bit when you run the day after. Try and relax your feet!    

  • thanks again. will be going for a run later but only a short one to see how they feel. loads of thermal tops/trousers i have ordered arrived today so i am committed to running now!

  • well shins virtually painless tonight. a little discomfort maybe when running but nothing afterwards, just dispaointed i got out of breath quite quickly. is it just a question of perseverance with the breath thing or does anyone have any good tips to help?

  • How slowly are you running? You say 'brisk jog' in your initial post so maybe slow down for now to 'slow jog' and you'll find as you get used to it you'll naturally speed up a bit and find the breathing gets better. But yes, perserverance! You'll get there...

  • my 4th run of the last 8 days tonight. when i ran i managed to run further before getting out of breath, not talking much further but a little. my shin bones still bother me though, not so much when running more when i stop. i dont think its quite as bad as it was the 1st time but not far off it. my goal is to run a marathon next year, and at the moment im really worried its just not going to be an option. 10 years ago i could have done this no problem, scary how unhealthy i have got

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