Running shoe life span



  • Ran the Wirral Half last Sunday and it's now time to retire my trusty Nike Triax - you can hear the air pocket in them hissing when you walk.

    I broke them in for the GNR in 2010, so a quick look at Garmin Connect reckons ~2500km of running since then.  Even allowing for a few KM in my trail shoes, they must have done 2000km which isn't bad.

  • I have a pair I still run in regularly with over 2000 miles, but another pair I'm on the verge of chucking after only about 300. That's based entirely on comfort.

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    Wow!  2,000 miles from a single pair of trainers!!  What make and model are they?

  • Mizuno Wave Inspire 6. I also have a pair of 4 with 2000 miles, but I hardly wear those any more.

  • Great having old threads resurrected.  I just read the OP, and then found myself identifying with the first reply... before noticing it was me who wrote it!

  • I find myself changing shoes every 6 months, Annual mileage of about 1000 so roughly 500 miles. However, I run in Nike pegasus which can be as cheap as £50 so not exactly an expensive habit plus I can use the high mileage shoes to 'knock about' in.

  • I go for a fairly minimalist shoe anyway so cushioning isn't much of an issue. I use shoes until either the sole starts to wear away or the uppers are coming apart. I've always thought this 500 mile thing is just a shoe company way of getting you to buy more shoes. You should be able to tell when your shoes aren't doing the job you wear them for any more.

  • Just saw how old this thread is!

  • well I was going to post a new thread but after reading through this my questions were answered so thought I'd save forum space by not posting

  • I'm just reading this too...Tread on the central forefoot almost gone on my Asics Kayano at 300 miles, I'll try and keep them going to 500 miles but I just wondered if anyone noticed the soles were softer/wearing more quickly recently? These shoes are only a month old and 100 of the 300 miles were on trail so it seems a bit early to notice wear. I got 2.5 months from the last pair ...maybe I'm scuffing more or maybe the material has changed?

    Crazy that my Toe nail varnish lasts longer than my trainers image


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