Osteoarthritis & Runng

Hello all

I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my feet of all places. 

I wonder if anyone else out there is in the same position.  I have been told not to stop running thankfully.  The furthest I do are half marathons but can clock up 20 miles a week.

I am going to see biomechanics but was wondering if anyone could recommend a good running shoe.  I am currently using sacouny and have done for years but they do seem to provide enough cushioning - feel very hard underfoot.

Thanks for any help anyone can give




  • It's a shame no one replied to you. I hope you got your shoes in the end. How are things going with your OA now?

    I'm a beginner in running but I've just been told I probably have OA. I'm having tests done on Monday to see.
  • Hi there I finally settled on adidas boost. Its going good so far with the oa. The more I keep active the less impact it has on me. Rheumy said that would be the case keep mobile will help the joints not stiffen and slow down the oa. Manageable and no matter how much it hurts I go out even if its 20 mins xx


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