Newbie :) sore hamstring :(

Hey image   I've just started training for a 10k at the end of May.  I know it's early, but i'd actually like to be doing a little more than 10k by the time the race comes.  I don't really have a training plan, all the ones i have looked at online don't really suit me!  At the moment, i'm doing 1mile on a Tue and Thu morning before work, and 2miles on a Saturday.  My Tue run i'm going to keep as a shorter one throughout the training, Thu i want to be doing some interval training, and Sat will be my longer run.  Obvioulsy i'll be upping the mileage as time goes on.

I planned on doing 2 and a half miles this Sat, but i think i've pulled my hamstring!  It doesn't hurt when i run (yes, i stupidly went out yesterday when it was sore image ) but obviously it's aggrivating it as it's worse today.

My question is, should i stretch it while i'm out of action, and how long should i rest it for roughly?

I have run (a bit pathetically!) on and off for the last 10 or so years, never getting above 4miles as i got bored or something came up, but now i have something to look forward to and actually train for, i'm getting so into it and really enjoying it, i'm totally gutted i've injured myself!

Any replies would be much appreciated, thanks in advance, and hi from a newbie!


  • image Anybody?

    Also, should i up to 4 runs per week instead of 3?  Or maybe add a fourth in at a later date?

  • Emmy are you warming up before you run and stretching afterwards?

  • Hi image

    i've been doing various leg stretches, before and after, but not a 'warm up' as such i suppose.

    I've never pulled a muscle from running before, and to be honest i think i done too many squats (i do squats, crunches, press ups etc most days) and that is when i think done the damage, and the running has made it worse.

  • Hi, not saying its the cause but generally you shouldnt do static stretches with cold muscles, only warm ones, better to do warm up exercises or even a 5 min brisk walk before hand.
    I would imagine like any other strain, use rest, ice and massage will help

  • See now i've heard you shouldn't stretch before a run, only after.  When it's all healed i'll start doing warm ups before and stretching afterwards.

    Thanks for the advice!

  • Emmy O - I pulled my hamstring in October doing Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30. I felt a pull like the string on a now and arrow image When it happened I couldn't move and felt sick. My hamstring felt very sore. I wore a tubule grip on it for a couple of weeks.

    We had a Begineers Group which I ran/walked with and then ran slowly with. I took 6 weeks before I could even begin to run faster. I'm marathon training now but can still feel it a bit.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Emmy - What a great nameimage

    what does the pain feel like? Is it sore? or a stabbing pain? Have you tried youtubing some hamstring stretches? They'll make sure that you do it for enough time.

    Also, try some home massage. It works wonders for me in helping the muscles relax

  • Tracey what a shame, it's awful isn't it.  Glad you are healing and managing to train again though!

    Hehe, isn't it?!  It's more a burning pain if that makes sense, i still haven't been out for a run since and it seems to play up if i walk around alot.  My hip is quite sore too.  I have the doctors on fri morning though so will be mentioning it while i'm there.  Yeah i've been doing some stretches which do seem to be helping!  Will try and get some massaging done as well image

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