Marshman 2013


I'm doing the marshman this year in the build up to IMUK and wondered about the swim... in particular, does it have currents, choppy water etc

I've heard last year the swim was cancelled due to bad weather? 

Any advice would be great.






  • It was cancelled due to water temperature rather than bad weather per se last year (not that it was the nicest of days!!) so I don't know what it would be like I'm afraid but from the banks it looked pretty benign!

  • I've done the swim at M'man a few times.  it's a gravel pit so no currents but there could be chop if it's windy although it's pretty sheltered with waterside shrubbery and banks.

    the water will be cold - accept that - but hopefully not as cold as last year when it was sub-11C.  I was one of the officials on the day and despite all attempts we couldn't find anywhere where it was above 11C so we had to cancel the swim under BTF rules.  most competitors were happy with that as the air temp was only about 7C and it was also pissing down!   

    in the year's I've done it the water was c14C - cold but tolerable

    this year I'm hoping to race on Saturday and officiate on Sunday so should be there again

  • cool.  Thanks for the responses.  Being a cold swim is fine (trusty wetsuit) and the rest sounds okay.  Looking forward to it - weather permitting.

  • x2 what FB says - I did Marshman last year and it was freezing and wet. Also did Windfarmer Oly at same venue in July and water was warm enough (2.5 months later, granted), also clean enough from what I remember

  • As a newbie to tri I was very pleasantly suprised when I saw the Marshman bike route goes straight past my house. I'll be there with a cup of tea and breakfast cheering everyone on as they ride past..... 

    I also suppose seeing as its so close to me I have no excuse not to plan to do it next yearimage



  • for anyone doing this year's race - it's been postponed to the weekend of 25/26th May. because of the ongoing cold weather they reckon that there's not enough time for the water to warm up sufficiently for the swim to go ahead, so a 3 week delay should help - assuming we get some warm weather in the interim!!

  • I salute that decision, it's the right one, especially after last year. Hope everyone can make it.

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