Running along Thames near Hurley?


Husband and I are going away for a "weekend away from the kids" in a few weeks time.  We are planning a 16-20km run during the Saturday but are at a bit of a loss regarding the route. It's long enough distance to make it difficult to just make it up as we go. Ideally we would like to run along the Thames but having looked at Google Maps I am not sure if there is a footpath more than a part of the distance. Are there any locals to that area here that could recommend a nice route? Thanks in advance! 


  • Have a look at the route for this race, there's a link half way down the page to a map - its a local half marathon - some of it may be worthwhile looking at. Its very pretty (in July anyway) image

  • That's a great linke, Rafiki - thanks! Someone just gave me a heads up on the fact that parts of the Thames Path might be flooded (never even occurred to me, not much of a problem in London). Thanks!

  • The Thames path is a very good place to run. I was running between Temple and Marlow on Saturday. It sometimes floods there but was just very muddy this week. I think heading towards Henley might be best if we get a lot of rain as the path comes away a bit from the river for long stretches but there could still be dodgy parts.

    More info thamespath.

  • Hi desibabe! Funnily just read that article earlier today. It recon firms that there is a footpath along the Thames which is probably flooded and/or under mud at the moment.
  • Lamb - fantastic, thanks! I was hoping someone would have first hand info. Mud should be fine after having had run in the snow. I am really grateful to you all for taking the time to answer!
  • I run along the river for quite a bit on my regular running route but you're right, it's become very muddy and slippery lately.

  • Yes - agree on the muddy and slippy bit although its been a couple of weeks since I went near Hurley. Last time both shoes got 'pulled off' / 'sucked off' in a boggy bit. Some of the land floods at times of the year leaving a few swampy parts. I often run pass Hurly on to Marlow. From Marlow it (Thames Path) takes you on a short pathway away from the river, before dumping you back on the path beyond Marlow. From there you can run on to Cookham, Maidenhead, Windsor etc depending on how far you want to go.

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