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Hi everyone,

My wife is running this year.

Looking for a wee bit of hotel advice. Is it feasible to book somewhere some distance away (maybe in West London) and travel (say private taxi) to Greenwich on the morning or are we better staying at a hotel in the Greenwich vacinity?

Also anyone know if there are any bus pickups for runners to the starting line?

Thank you for any help image


  • Stay somewhere near the finish, and use the tube, overground or DLR to the start (all free if you are wearing your number)

  • As dave said that's the exact advise I was given. I was advised after 26.2 miles you'll not want to be trekking about London back to to hotels etc. Good luck.
  • Actually everytime I've done it, or the OH has done it, We have stayed in Docklands so we could use the DLR to the start, and then driven home straight after

  • I always stay in the centre. Easy train to start - and wobbling distance to hotel after.
  • Thank you very much for your advice folks

  • Yes from experience definitely stay somewhere near the finish!


  • Stayed in the County Hall hotel right next to the London Eye when I did it yars ago. Was dead easy to get to Greenwich, and was close by for the finish. They catered for the runners, with an early morning breakfast just for them.

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    Depends on which nights you are staying, ie sat and sun or just sat night.  If it's just sat night then try and stay near the start, but if its sat and sun then stay near the finish.  There are loads of hotels in Victoria/Pimlico/Hyde Park area that are walking distance.  Anywhere works though.  I live in Zone 3 in SW London and will be getting the tube/train to the start and from the finish.

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    Oh and you can get the train to the start from central London.

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