Help getting to the Lydd Half 2013

Would really appreciate any support with this.

Booked a place at Lydd Half 2013 on Sunday 10 March and stupidly did not check public transport links. It has an airport but no train station!!

I'm coming from E5, London. Options seem to be stay in Rye on Sat night (£90min for a double room plus £20 return taxi) but I'd love to sleep at home + travel from London on Sun morn (partner is not a runner and not loving our new lifestyle!!)

Is anyone in a similar predicament and wanting to share car hire, or possibly able to help with a lift in exchange for bountiful amounts of cash?! 


  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭

    When people talk about the middle of nowhere, they've got somewhere like Lydd in mind.
    As you've found, it's simply not possible to get there for that race by public transport from London. The first train to down doesn't leave 'til 08:40 (I think)

    First choice would be to contact Martin at Nice Work - the race organiser - he may know of someone coming that way willing to carshare etc.

    If an over-night stays looks inevitable I'd suggest staying in Lydd itself, or New Romney. Rooms will be half what you've quoted for Rye, and without the taxi fare.

  • Thank you for your suggestion. I ended up getting a lift - and getting there late! was totally mortified that google maps dropped us off in the middle of a train crossing!! The organisers were amazing at getting me on track when I arrived though. I'd really recommend this race. 

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