Laptop repair cost

I've just managed to trip and fall (quite spectacularly) while holding my MacBook Pro. The screen has cracked, but otherwise everything seems to be working perfectly.

So, I'm sitting down with a stiff drink - does anyone know how much I can expect to pay for a replacement screen?


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    How new is it?  If its within warranty (or the extended Apple Care thingy) then its worth taking it to your local Apple Store and talking nicely to the people on the Genius Bar to see what they can do.  Not had to use them myself, but I've heard a few people have managed to get free repairs/replacements when they weren't expecting it (one of the justifications for the high margins are the top-notch customer support). 

    otherwise its going to be costly as the screen is one of the most expensive parts of a laptop, and the macbook pro is not very "repair friendly" so takes longer to fix.


  • ours have cost around £120.but are a different make to yours

  • I paid ??90 for Laptop Doctor to replace screen of my Dell. But ditto comments re going to Apple store as two of my kids have got new iPods when screens cracked.
  • I agree with the Apple store comment...I know a couple of people who got brand new iPhones when their screens were cracked and they went to the store.  I do think it has to be in the first year after purchase though.

  • There's no Apple store in Edinburgh, but their approved repairer tells me it will cost£389.76 + VAT (can't just replace the glass, needs to be the whole display unit).
    I think I shall do some investigating.................... 

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  • I have a Macbook Air and the figure you quoted sounds about right from an approved Apple outlet.  It will need the whole top part, not just the glass...   bad luck..


  • House insurance?

  • Warranty won't cover this.  Get an LED cinema display and live with it!

  • £389.76 + VAT


    And thats why I would never buy a crapple product.

  • £389.76+ VAT to repair?!

    How much did a new one cost!?

  • with all laptops you need to replace the whole dsiaplay pievce not the glass.........i think you should find a local guy a lot cheaper...

  • I have e-mailed Apple and let them know that I am less than pleased.  I could buy a brand spanking new identical Mac for £868 (less than I paid for this one).  I bought this one from an inheritance I received, otherwise I wouldn't have had that kind of cash to spend on a laptop.

    I have suggested in my e-mail that not being able to replace the glass as a separate component is either a major design flaw or a money-making con.
    And I have also expressed my annoyance at their site having 1001 support options, but not a straightforward customer service e-mail address.

    So now I wait.................... 

  • just go and use the 'call me back' option...   

    Top right hand corner of the grey nav bar on the Apple page.. 'Support'

    Use the various options for your product and you get to a window, put your phone number in and they will call you straight back..

    Its superb customer service....!

    You can email, but there is no need...


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