My first hill training session, am I doing it right?

Hi all,

I've never done hill training before so thought I would try it day.

I'm just wondering if this is a good hill session as in, distance, incline, amount of reps, speed etc.


Thanks for any info..





  • Garmin info a bit hard to decipher for a non-garmin user. 

    How long is the hill and How long does it take u to run up the hill? 

    How many reps was it?

    What is your goal? 10k, marathon? What time you going for?

  • It's 300 meters, I run up it in 1 min and I did 7 reps

    10k for now

    Thanks for your reply!


  • That seems like a good session to me for starters. There are plenty of varieations to hill training, hill reps being only one of them. You could varry the length of the hill rep, say


    jog back down recovery.

    If it's quite hilly where you are you could do other types of hill training as well, similar to reps you would do on the track but on undulating terrain. 1k; 3k; 5k all at pace.

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