Dealing with a cantankerous spouse



  • I'm not even allowed to hoover in case I scratch the walls he painted 3 months ago.

    Really !?   This might be a little too personal but what on earth attracted you to someone like that in the first place ?   

    If I were you I'd arrange a weekend away with some of your mates - maybe to do an overseas marathon or something if you have running mates - something to look forward to without him so you can enjoy yourself.    

  • LTS..........I'm all for working through rough patches in a relationship as stress can affect both sides differently.......

    but some of the things you mention are a little worrying........

    my first marriage didn't last many years.probably lasted longer than it should have as i really believed that marriage was for life and i felt ashamed to admit to everyone that i made a mistake.....I thought that i could cope with it for the rest of my life.,.....

    luckily i came to my senses and left and was divorced by 23.........

    my second marriage hasn't always been a bed of roses but we have worked at it and I'm still happy to work on it after 20 years......

    you need some time on your own to work out whether this is really what you want.only you can discover honestly deep down if this is worth fighting for or worth admitting defeat on 


     take care

  • My partner never liked my running to begin with, but in time she learned to accept it, and i have always worked around her, giving her time to do her things. It has to be give and take, but i would say in your case he is just take, take and take. That is a relationship, it has to be a partnership where you work together, while flying solo in your own goals, which the other should respect, and hopefully support, even if they find it boring. My partner has only once attended one of my races, but she always asks how the race went.Thats the difference.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    popsider wrote (see)


       This might be a little too personal but what on earth attracted you to someone like that in the first place ?   


    Reminded me of an article in some broadsheet magazine supplement where a women was describing the tumoil and confusion of dealing with a marriage breakdown.

    He's leaving, he's staying. I'm leaving, I'm staying. He said this, that and the other. Did this, that and the other. It was a right mess. But do you know what? The whole time while going through all this, they were still shagging the arse off each other at every turn.

    They weren't going to give that bit up any time soon.

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