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Hey everyone. I am thinking of doing the half marathon in May. However the only experience I have in running is the sport relief mile which I ran last year. I have no idea where to start, so help would be appreciated. If all goes well I'll look into the marathon next year, but lets concentrate on this year image


  • I am nowhere near half marathon standard but I'll tell you a bit about how my running has progressed so maybe you could get an idea of the time it takes for fitness to increase?

    I'm a new runner as well and have only really been running regularly since late November. When I started I was doing about 5k every few days, then after a few runs I felt like I needed to push myself just a little harder so lengthened my route to 6k and started doing it more and more regularly until I settled on running every other day (mostly). I noticed after a few weeks that by the end of my run I felt like I could do more but didn't have much motivation to change my route so carried on as I was. I then got a free 3 day gym membership during the awful weather and once I was on a treadmil and had no reason to stop I suddenly did 10k and felt great! So now I run 10k every other day or couple of days and have entered into a 10k road race in early March. 

    If you work hard over the time you have I'm sure you'll be comfortable with a half marathon by May.

    Best of luck!

  • I have a gym membership and I play football. Train twice a week with the team. My fitness isn't bad but its not half marathon standard. I do runs on treadmills, 5k at a time. However these are more for football. Thanks for the encouragement, most people are thinking I won't do it, just want to prove them wrong
  • To me that's even more of a push to do it, whenever you're training just think of how great you'll feel when you can surpass everyone's expectations.

    It sounds like you have a fantastic basis of fitness so inching up your runs from now until the race should be no problem, just a matter of willpower. 

  • Hi Daniel,

    I started running in September mainly because it was getting a bit too dangerous for my liking to out cycling in the dark- don't get me wrong I used to cycle about Glasgow in all weather and lighting conditions but now I've got a family I'm a bit more wary.

    Anyhoo, when I first started running I did 3 mile, then 5 mile runs. By October I had increased it to 8 mile runs during the week and by the end of the month was running 13 miles on a Sunday. However, I felt really tired right through to Tuesday so cut it back down to 8 miles and started hitting personal bests everytime I went out.

    At the moment I run 10 miles twice during the week, play 5 aside on a Friday and run 13 miles on a Sunday. I've signed up for the Ed marathon at the end of May so I plan on increasing my Sunday run by 2.5 miles every 2 weeks until the end of April before tapering down a little in prep for the marathon.

    So, the things that helped me maintain my motivation etc were:

    1) Finding a route that I can easily add miles to. I live in East Kilbride and have a route that is 2.5 miles long which lets me build up my milleage in a kind of controlled way if you know what I mean.

    2) Decent pair of trainers and comfy outfit for running in. I wear a headband too- I know, fashion suicide- but it keeps the wind and rain out of my ears and keeps my headphones in.

    3) Samsung phone with endomondo app to count miles, speed etc and record personal bests- great help for motivation!

    4) Spotify. The lift I get when a song comes on that gets me back in the 'zone' is indescribable.

    5) Always surprising myself by the miles I can run. I've never been particularly fit apart from the usual playing football etc, so I'm in a permanent state of surprise that I can actually run that far!

    But at the end of the day all you need is a pair of trainers.

    Good luck with the half marathon when it comes!

  • Sorry, it was the end of November that i ran 13 miles on a Sunday, not October.

  • Increase your distance gradually; don't worry about speed. Plenty of time to build up to half marathon - do you have a specific one in mind?

  • Hi daniel- come over to the scottish runners thread. Don't worry, we're friendly! You will be able to find out more about local "build up" races, etc- which half are you doing? Do you have a 10k sheduled beforehand?- might be useful, especially to experience race atmosphere before the big day.

    In terms of traiining- treadmills are fine, but out doors is best- you WILL need to get some outdoor running under your belt before the race, even if most of your training is on treadies- for the tready runnning- set the incline to about 1-1.5%- feels more like the outdoors. Build up your milegae with slow running until you are comfortable managing 10 miles, and do some shorter faster runs too to build speed. Ideally you want to be doing a minimum of 3 runs pre week, 4 is better, look at some trainig programmes on line. If you can do 10 miles in training, race day adrenaline will carry you through the last 3 miles, but if you can do the full distance in training once or twice before ( do it SLOWER then planned racepace), you'll have more confidence in your self. Good luck.

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