Pirate outings in 2014

Just to open up the debate No Ironman for me this year but just getting ideas for 2014 2012 was great at the Outlaw being a UK race so a great turn out So for a abroad trip thats easy to get to to keep the cost down Hows about Challenge Almere/Amsterdam Sept 2014?? http://challenge-family.com/races/almere/index.html


  • I have yet to do my first Ironman, but if Outlaw doesn't finish me off, I like the look of that
    Bloody Pirates, sneaky buggers never mentioned that this is addictive.

  • It should be flat and fast image

    NR beware Ironman is the Crystal Meth of endurance sport
  • Same here NR - I like the look of that as my first Ironman abroad.

    If Henley doesn't kill me, of course.

  • Ridgebackmax wrote (see)
    It should be flat and fast image
    NR beware Ironman is the Crystal Meth of endurance sport


    Ridgebackmax wrote (see)
    NR beware Ironman is the Crystal Meth of endurance sport

    i would say its the cannabis, real junkies go ultraimage

  • La la la, I'm not listening to you

  • I think some people have been thinking about doing Austria for the 10 year anniversary of the innaugural pirate race at said venue.

  • Yep, what Mouse says


  • Shouldn't we be basing this on important criteria .... like where does the best beer??image

  • the beer in Austria in 2007 wasn't bad....from what I remember of it.....image

    as Austria sells out damn quick - like 10mins - then there needs to be some fast finger action to get lots in!!

  • FB is Austria flat I really fancy a fast course for a change, also what time of the year?

    If it books that quick it may be nice to have a back up outing for those with slow thumbs or diminished bank accounts when Austria opens image
  • I thought it was 2015 for the anniversary do ?

    Barlos was on about Sweden for next year but I think that price might be a bit prohibitive

  • Last time i in Amsterdam (80's ) i had my head shaved withan open razor into a moheican by apunk in a bar (beer had been consumed) bit embarrassing when i went back to work as i was in the RN at the time image
  • It wont be that much different with the Pirates ....

  • I wouldn't place too much on what Barlos said as he *may* have Kona in 2014 and will be told to think long and hard about his prioritiesimage
  • No R-Max, Austria isn't flat. Nor is Switzerland.

    I fancy Challenge Almere as it has a half as well and I can't do the full IM any more because of my titanium hip. Time I joined another Pirate trip. Don't be fooled into thinking it's flat and easy though, friends who have been there say it can be pretty tough biking in the wind there.

  • Ironman is tough, its never a walk in the park (well ... when I say walk in the park ...)

    A flat course provides equal problems as it solves, that said there are relatively quick courses out there and after this year I think they will definitely be on my radar!!

  • Whats all this about flat courses, theyre all hard! Grt a grip people.

    I think we should do an official branded Ironman for 2014, we've dicked about in the uk at unofficial races for 2 years, its time to get the ship back on course.

    My vote would go for Sweden, its the only European Ironman we've not been to image
  • True Melds I have some hilly IMs under my belt but the hardest was deffo my first Outlaw got a massive PB but i was in bits for ages after image

    Almere could be a twat (lke Outlaw) if its windy it sounds a good race the middle has been running for years andits easy to get to
  • Why official branded Barlos its only a brand name they are all ironmansimage
  • Barcelona??

    could be cheap ncheerful AND abroad image

  • But 2014 is actually the 10th anniversay i think, 2004 Candy, Monique & Rosey wasnt it?
  • Officially branded as in my experience they are way better, even taking account of how good Outlaw is theres little comparison.
  • I am not overly sure now you mention it?

    2015 may well have been the 'larger group'

    If its a 2014 anniversary then people need to get saving entry fees now   image

  • Well actually i take that back, Roth was pretty good but dont tell Ironwolfimage
  • I guess its a toss up between 2004 when Andy when Candy has a pirate sticker vs 2005 when we first raced in kit and could be called an organised pirate outing
  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    My vote would go for Sweden, its the only European Ironman we've not been to image

    Sweden here too. By all accounts it was brilliant last year and it's in the school hols too. MDot may only be a brand, Max, but much as I loved Outlaw, IM Wales swaggered over, downed Outlaw's pint, snogged his bird and then battered it in a fight without breaking sweat image.

    And Meldy.... your comment made me laugh my ass off, because let's face it.... for most Pirates an IM is a 20 mile walk in a park with about 6 miles of jogging.

  • I bow to your greater experience Barlos as my official IMs have been 2 Sherbornes ho hum one Bolton better but still so so. BUT Wales really floated my boat it was all i wanted from a IM branded event

    I had better get saving but i think Sweden may be a bit pricey for me
  • Hence the irony Slower   image

    I have had many a walk in the park over the years !!!

  • Sadly Sweden is out for me too ...

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